Saturday, October 10, 2009

Transgenders Say the Darndest Things...

Sometimes I am amazed at just how stupid identity politics can wind up being. A classic example of this is a comment about a posting on a feminist gathering in London. Now, this is the same blog I mentioned earlier, that had the article about the pre-op prisoner, convicted of killing a women while trying to rape her, who is being moved to a women's prison.

The comment had to do with the fact that the feminist gathering had cleared up the misconception that "women" Tincludes "post-op transsexuals." This statement now appears on the Feminism in London 09 homepage:

This event is trans-inclusive and transwomen are welcome in the one workshop that is women-only. The Feminism in London organising group would like to apologise for not making this clear from the beginning.

Seems simple enough. But nothing ever is simple when you are dealing with diehard transgenders types.

The person making the comment is upset that they assumed that people would know that "women" includes "transwomen." The fact that the people behind this event chose to not single out "transwomen" as being special, needing to be informed that they are "women" is somehow "cissexism.

So, it is apparently cissexism if you think that "transwomen" are not really women, but it is also "cissexism" if you don't think that, and therefore don't see the need to say anything.

And these fools get all bent out of shape when I say, "I am a woman, not a transwoman." And then they wonder why I want no part of their silliness.

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lisalee18wheeler said...

Just thinking about this is giving me a headache.