Saturday, October 31, 2009

An Identity Politics Fail

I just read a rather interesting rant posted on Suzan Cooke's transgender blog "Women Born Transsexual." It was written by Curtis E. Hinkle who is the founder of OII, a group that pushes identity politics for people who are intersex.

Mr. Hinkle is outraged that Fox News, which he proudly proclaims has blocked from his TV, had a commentary on the hate crimes legislation that mentioned "hermaphrodites" which those who are into intersex identity politics consider an insult. (You can't have a good identity politics movement without at least one word you find to be a terrible insult.)

I was reading the commentary, wondering who at Fox News might have written such a thing, when I suddenly realized the joke. It was from the late night comedy news show, Red Eye. The phrase that gives it away:

And if you disagree with me, then you’re probably racist.
At one time, it was "...then you are worse than Hitler," but that was changed to the current one. Taking this seriously, is akin to quoting something from "The Onion" as an actual news story.

That's the problem with people caught up in identity politics. They have no sense of humor. And it leads them to overreact to bad jokes every time.

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