Monday, October 19, 2009

I Honestly Wish This Was Just a Joke

A lot of "transgender" activists have little respect for Christianity. Some are downright hostile. And that, of course, is their right. Granted, that makes them nothing more than bigots, but as offensive as it is, there is pretty much an absolute right to be a bigot. But, there is also an absolute right to be offended at bigotry. Not, of course, that the bigots will recognize, but that is another discussion.

I was reading a blog named "Questioning Transphobia" which is a typical gender fascist sort of blog. There I found a post entitled "Trans Virgin Marys and other such heresies." It is about an LGBT fund-raising calendar published in Spain that features photos of "trans women" posed as the Blessed Virgin. That, in and of itself, might not be so bad, but some of the images are somewhat pornographic, and the whole thing comes across more as a parody than a serious attempt to reverently portray a Christian icon.

I left the following comment at "Questioning Transphobia," but apparently it is not acceptable to the moderator:

As a woman born with HBS (I do NOT identify as a trans woman, just as a woman) who happens to be a devout Anglo-Catholic, I do find this calendar to be highly offensive. Not so much because the models are trans, but because it is clearly intended to offend people of faith.

The importance of the Blessed Virgin is not that she has a womb, but that she was willing to be obedient to God in the face of possible persecution for bearing a child out of wedlock. She suffered tremendously to bring God into human form so He could be the bearer of the sins of the world.
I rather suspect that it probably was not accepted because I openly state that I had HBS, and that I do not identify as "trans."

This whole mess strikes me as very similar to the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence," the infamous band of drag queens that are a fixture here in San Francisco. While the certainly deserve credit for the efforts they make to raise money, they also seem to go out of their way to be as offensive to the devout as possible. Their annual Easter celebration always features, among other things, "The Hunky Jesus" competition, which features gay men, often strapped to crosses, competing in a sort of bizarre beauty contest.

Now, the "Sisters" have a right to their views, and I have a right to be offended by them. Again, much of what they do is commendable. But how they do it can be quite offensive. Not that they seem to care one bit.

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