Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Don't Need Permission to be a Woman

On the English transgender web site, Bird of Paradox, the author is again having a hissy fit over the "Reclaim the Night" march that will be held by the London Feminist Network next month. Now, this march, which is a protest against violence against women, is specifically "women only."

What I find absolutely hilarious in all of this it the fact that LFN says it is open to women, including the phrase “women of all backgrounds.” Now, as a post-op survivor of HBS I would have no problems with that. It says women only, and I am a woman. But that is not good enough for some transgender activists. It does not specifically state that it is trans-inclusive.

I notice specifically it says nothing like “women born women,” which is, of course, the “nice,” politically correct, way of saying “no transsexuals.” So, the fact that they don’t single out transsexuals, and specifically say, “transsexuals are welcome too,” in effect saying that you might not really be women, but are welcome anyway, offends the author? Go figure. I would be more offended at the suggestion that because I had HBS that I had to be specifically told that it was okay for me to identify as a woman.

Now, personally, I would not join them because I don’t agree with all of their views, but it would not be because I am not really a woman and feel I need a special invitation to come.

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