Saturday, August 17, 2013

Slacktivists? ROTFLLMAO!!!!!

Sometime back, I wrote about the comedy of Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen.  Well, he has come up with, perhaps, his funniest material yet.  In a post on Transadvocate, he has not only managed to prove that he is clueless, but has also managed, in response to mostly negative comments, to outdo Mr. "Cristan" Williams at abusing logical fallacies.  I do love that last bit.  I have pointed out, for some time, that the transgender kooks love to engage in logical fallacies, so now they regularly mention that concept in their posts, falsely accusing me of such, while, of course, cluelessly engagibg in them repeatedly.  They do love to imitate...

Anyway, what has set Mr. Sandeen off this time is the post I did on AB1266, the law that is supposed to protect transgender students in school, but which actually just abuses everyone else.  He is apparently (it is kind of hard tell) upset that I, and others are not actively lobbying for our point of view.  Yeah, seriously....
Call them classic transsexuals or women of operative history; call them true transsexuals or transsexual separatists — whatever you call them, you can also call them ineffectual slacktivists.
I mean, seriously?  I don't know what he is smoking, drinking, injecting, or snorting...but if it is not a controlled substance, it should be.  

The simple fact is, unlike Mr. Sandeen, Mr. Williams, and a number of other transgender kooks, I, and quite a few others that Mr. Sandeen seeks to attack in his laughably bizarre post are just not narcissistic publicity whores like they are.  We simply do not feel the need to run around Sacramento, Washington, or such, making fools of ourselves.  Can you imagine the laughter that must fill legislative offices after these fools have left?

No, my mother taught me well...."Fool's names, and fool's faces, often seen in public places."  Yes, I think AB 1266 is a bad law.  I sent a message asking Gov. Brown to veto it, and I am disappointed that he decided not to.  But, I have no desire to waste my time and money traveling to Sacramento to engage in self-aggrandizing political grandstanding.

No, there is a much simpler, and far more effective strategy.  Simply allow kooks like Sandeen to have their way.  It is interesting to note that Mr. Sandeen also posted another article where he whines about how "Progressive Talking Heads (are) Not Talking About California School Success And Opportunity Act."  Gee, did it ever occur to Mr. Sandeen that even the "progressive talking heads" might have enough sense to realize what a total train wreck this law has the potential to become?  Has he ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, they understand that average people think this is way too extremist?  Nah, of course not.

If Sandeen took the time, for example, to read the comments posted on SFGate, the web page for the San Francisco Chronicle, he might discover that here in the Bay Area the reaction was overwhelmingly negative.  And lest he try to make some excuse about it not really reflecting local sentiment, he should compare it to the response to the Supreme Court overturning Proposition 8.

No, AB 1266 could well be the final straw for the public's tolerance of transgender silliness.  It is bad enough that women's rooms are regularly invaded by men in dresses, but when you start talking about having boy showering with girls, provided the boys claim to be girls, people tend to say "ENOUGH!!!"

The problem with the law, simply put, is that its language is too vague.  The few who tried to defend it on SFGate kept claiming that it would not do what was claimed.  That it would take more than simply "claiming" to be transgender to get access to the girls locker room.  But the law does not say that.  I simply says that one cannot be denied access based on one's gender identity.  The claim is also made that no one would abuse such a law, but we have already seen too many examples that show otherwise.

Sandeen also, rather cluelessly links to an article from Notes From The T-Side that shows, quite conclusively, that his birth certificate is fraudulent, and that he knows that it is.  That would be the birth certificate that Mr. Sandeen has claimed shows that he is a "woman born woman."  Seriously, you can't make this stuff...not that ANYONE with a brain would want to.

Then he carries on about some crazy idea that the people at TI-SI came up with called "Transsexual Independence Day." Somehow, I managed to miss that one. Now, why Sandeen even bothers to bring this up is puzzling. As I said, he carries on in the comment section about "straw arguments," and refers to "Transsexual Independence Day" as a non sequitur, but his bringing it up is both. I had never even heard of it, and Elizabeth at Notes from the T Side basically posted an article that exposed the silliness of the who concept. It is not a surprise that it never went anywhere.

That's the problem with Mr. Sandeen's article.  It attacks me, and others, for something we don't do, have never claimed to do, links us to things we either opposed, or were not even aware of, and of course, does all of this to the glory of Mr. Sandeen.  

If he wants to go to Sacramento with other men in dresses, clomp around to various legislative offices, and get laughed at behind his back (you know they howled about his silly beret) that is his right.  Me, I will just sit back and wait for it all to blow up in his face.

Oh, and in a rather bizarre bit of absurdist theater, he posted a picture of himself, stuffing his face with Cheetos, which has a weird tag about "the blogging standard of blogging in one's PJs from one's mother's basement."  I'm not quite sure what that is supposed to imply, but my mother passed on over 25 years ago, and I live on the second floor of my building.  

As I say, whatever Mr. Sandeen is on, I do hope his friends will stage an intervention before he suffers any further brain damage.


Autumn Sandeen said...

(comment part 1 of 2)

Jennifer, I know I'm violating the "don't feed the trolls" axiom about responding to folk who, with intent ,try to provoke angry or personal responses, but in this case I think I'm going to comment to you specifically. It's because I want you to waste your time focusing on me.

And let's start from the point that I keep undercounting how many times you've tagged me in your blog. I did it again with my recent twitter count of how many times you've tagged me in your blog -- I missed one of your blogs tags for me, so I undercounted the times you tagged me by double digits.

So, if you haven't counted, to date I can tell you've tagged me 87 times with Mr. Autumn Sandeen, 40 times with "Autumn" Sandeen, and 25 times with Autumn Sandeen. That totals up to 152 tags out of your 352 posts on the Just Jennifer blog, and that works out to be about 43% of your posts. (I was off by 9% on my previous estimation of the percentage of how much you've posted about me on your blog.)

And, that doesn't even go to how many times you've gone in the past to Pam's House Blend and LGBT Weekly and posted comments, including a number of flamebaiting ones about my gender and genitalia.

And oh my God, do you ever get excited when I respond to you. I love that don't see the irony in stating that I had a complete meltdown when I wrote a dedicated blog entry about you once in the years I've been blogging and writing on the web, whereas you've tagged me in about 43% of your total blog entries since 2007. If I had a meltdown with one blog entry, how many would that be for you given 152 blog entries?

So that's about your current focus on me. Now let's turn towards effective lobbying and activism:

Autumn Sandeen said...

(comment part 2 of 2)

You missed the key word in my essay Transsexual Separatist Slacktivism Doesn’t Win Legislatively: effectual. AB 433 and AB 1266 are either now law or soon will be. Your peers and your efforts against those pieces of legislation were ineffectual. And, when it comes to this year's AB 1121, I'm confident any activism you and your peers engage in against that bill will be equally ineffectual.

And, I can say that just looking at your defense of your recent activism efforts in your essay. Basically, all of your activism efforts involved "keyboard activism." That "keyboard activism" didn't involve any non-profit or grassroots organizing, and didn't involve any brick-and-mortar world lobbying in legislator's offices that worked in conjunction with online activism. Foolishly you consider this multi-track strategy of lobbying for legislation to be self-aggrandizement and grandstanding -- foolishly because your peers and your uncoordinated keyboard-only activism has repeatedly proven ineffectual. You're not considering how your tactics and strategy here in California have repeatedly failed, and it looks as if you're going to repeat your failed tactics and strategy by stating:

"[T]here is a much simpler, and far more effective strategy. Simply allow kooks like Sandeen to have their way."

Going back to your obsessive focus on me, you make legislation in California first about "kooks like Sandeen" (me) instead of first about any legislative goals you and your peers might have. This strategy hasn't been effective in achieving your legislative goals in the recent past; I can guarantee that strategy isn't going to be effective in the future.

So! I'm all for you keeping your focus on me instead of anything you might actually be legislatively for or against! Please-please-please expend even more of your time than you have already focusing on and writing about me! Bring it up to a full 50% of your posts that tag me! Stick to that "effective" strategy of yours! -- If you keep to it long enough I'm sure it'll eventually be a winner! ...right?

But in all seriousness, here in the state of California (where we both live) the lives of trans people are improving because of trans supportive bills that have been signed into law over the past few years. I've come to the conclusion that the more you focus on me means the less chance of you being effective in our state at achieving any of your legislative goals or desires. And since legislative, trans civil rights goals are my number one issue, your focus on me can't help but improve trans community's chances of winning legislatively in California many more times for many more years.

So seriously, keep it up -- keep your focus on me -- I'm a big girl and I can take it. When I quipped at the end of Transsexual Separatist Slacktivism Doesn’t Win Legislatively "[M]ay this slacktivism by transsexual separatists always remain as ineffectual as it is now," I was very much thinking of you.

Just Jennifer said...

Ah, as I have said, you are the poster boy for transgender stupidity. You are the perfect example of ginger racism in action. And besides, you mde the really foolish error of trying to cyberstalk and cyber illy me. So, get over it mister. You picked the wrong woman to harass.

Just Jennifer said...

Do you have the foggiest idea what a straw argument is? Because that is what you are engaged in. I am no an activist. I simply publish opinions on a blog, and try to do so privately, but you and and a few other male stalkers don't have common decency. Unlike you I am not a self aggrandizing egotistical alpha male. There is already a move to rescind AB 1266. You fools went too far, and who knows how bad the backlash will be. At the very least that law will likely go. You may lose even more if things start to snowball.

That"s the fun part. I don"t have to do anything but watch you circle the drain. You do all the work, and I just watch. When you become a liability, the LGB will tell you to go away. You're already alienating a large chunk of lesbians, so YOU keep it up. Me? I'll just go on, doing what you can't ( thogh let's be honest, you don't want it anyway), living as an actual, normal woman. You keep pretending, and we'll keep laughing at you behind your back. And deep down, you know you are a fraud. Just a creepy man with a sick fetish who tries to pretend. If you had a shred of sense you would realize that just might be why you are so messed up and seek real help. I transitioned and my life is better. You, on the other hand are a mental case who has to act out to convince yourself you matter.

Nicky said...

I think AB 1266 has gone way too far, and AB 1266 will be the spark that starts the Trans backlash by society. Society is starting to wise up and is saying "ENOUGH" with this insanity. They are seeing what kind of Men such as Mr "Autumn" Sandeen and Mr "Dana" Lane Taylor for who they really are. Men in Dresses who have a sexual fetish for women. I would not be surprise if society starts repealing all the so called gender identity laws and make it extremely difficult for these men in dresses.

Which is why now, your seeing parents in California and pulling them out of Public schools and either putting them in Private schools or boarding schools out of state or homeschooling them.

Autumn Sandeen said...

Let me see're not an activist. Check.

You're just someone who sits in front of a keyboard and writes a lot of stuff about a lot of transgender identified women as a "woman who was born with a condition known as Harry Benjamin Syndrome (formerly known as transsexualism)." And while claiming that, also claim to be "a woman, period." Check.

And, you have no plans on becoming an activist for anything you might believe in. Check.

This sounds like a awesome plan for a fulfilling, meaningful life.

And again, I'd really would like to encourage you to write even more about me each week than you have to this point -- I especially encourage you to write long blog posts and thread comments about me where you try and put yourself in my head and tell folks what I'm really thinking. If no one else is interested in reading these, well...I'll be interested.

I'm listening; you have my attention.

I'm honestly -- and I do mean honestly -- looking forward to what post number 153 from you will say about me. I can hardly wait.

Just Jennifer said...

I guess, when all else fails, you try reverse psychology.

I hate to break it to you, but you don"t have a life. You have a fantasy. And a rather delusional one at that. You really do live in what some else has accurately described as a ghetto. You don't see it, but you do.

Nope, not everyone is an activist. And no, unlike you, I have a life beyond what you think you know. Don't believe what some think they know. I keep a lot of stuff private.

Nicky said...

Which is why people like Mr "Autumn" Sandeen will always be a MAN with a Sick fetish. They will never be a biological born woman, no matter how hard they try.

Also, as to Mr "Autumn" Sandeen's so called activism. Let's see, he conned the San Diego county courts and medical doctors to let him label himself as a woman, when he never had SRS. He claims to be a woman, but is nothing more than a Mutilated man. Violates Military laws by wearing a woman's Military Uniform.

So all in all, Mr "Autumn" Sandeen is a biological born man with a mental illness for women. If states had mental health hospitals, people such as Mr "Autumn" Sandeen would have been locked up along time ago and never let out unless they were castrated and sterilized. People such as Mr "Autumn" Sandeen and Mr "Dana" Lane Taylor are a threat to society and society is starting to WISE up to see what kind of Men Mr "Autumn" Sandeen and Mr "Dana" Lane Taylor are really all about. Which is they are MEN in Dresses with a sick fetish for women.

Autumn Sandeen said...

Fascinating. Tell me more about how I don't have a life.

I've always used that line about not having a life as a joke about entering retirement in my mid-forties -- as in I don't now, and will never again, hold down a day job, so I "don't have a life."

Umm, I believe there's a lot more room within the "Mr. 'Autumn' Sandeen is a fraud" meme that can be developed. I'm sure that if you put your mind to it you can find many more new ways of expressing that idea -- you have the opportunity to make post 153 about that.

Go on. If you have more time to expound on your point of view, I'd love to read some more. As long as your focusing on me instead of doing something that can harm other trans people in the brick-and-mortar world, I'm all ears.

And as a retiree, I have lots of time to listen.

Autumn Sandeen said...

Oh, by the way, this isn't an exercise in reverse psychology. You've tagged me a 152 times in your blog...whether I pay attention to you or not, you pay attention to me.

And since you've literally become excited when I do, I'm feeding your need for attention. Then I hope you'll follow your previous behavior and write even more about me. An if you're writing about me, then you won't have time to do anything that may impede trans people's ordinary equality goals in the brick-and-mortar world -- such as impeding AB 1121 into law.

So, since I want you to continue to be impotent, I'm going to give your words you the attention you want; I'm going to feed your need for attention.

My goals are as transparent as I'm presenting them to be. I want you to pay attention to me so that you'll waste your time focusing on me instead of focusing on impeding trans community's legislative goals in California.

And since I'm retired, it'll give me something to do to fill some of my less filled days of retirement. That sounds like it could be a win for both of us.

Just Jennifer said...

You do seem to have serious problems with reading comprehension....then again, you were also the inspiration for the term "gender fascist." Something to be proud of...the inspiration, not your appalling lack of reading comprehension. I tell you I am not something, but you keep insisting on forcing a label on me. How macho of you... Us poor women need a man to keep us straight... ROTFLMAOA!!!!!!

Oh well, that you don't have a life is obvious from your own words.

And I shall give your future comments the attention that deserve. If you wish to defend you idiotic positions, I will be glad to point out their flaws. If you want to simply harass, I will simply approve them, and then ignore them as long as you don't violate the One Rule. Unlike you, I don't feel the need for being a control freak.

Autumn Sandeen said...

Hey, anything I can do to keep you focused on wasting your time on me is a winner.

Now perhaps you see why the term "don't feed the trolls" rule came about, and why some apply it to you as you're now basically trying to apply it to me. You're prolific and don't add much to discussion of issues, and...

Well, you're well known for your flamebait -- you just can't help yourself. You've even thrown flamebait at me quite a few times even within this comment thread.

I won't even need throw out any flamebait of my own in reply as many do in responding to you -- I know it would really make your day though if you could get a rise out of me. I know too well your history of frequent commenting, trolling and flamebaiting -- it goes back at least to Usenet as early as 1993.

I mean c'mon, Jennifer -- 152 posts in your blog that tag me so far. No one, but no one, else has even written even a 5% of a what you've written about me. And when I comment about your blog posts and thread comments -- especially when I respond to commentary by you about me -- you just won't be able help yourself from commenting back. It's just not in you to leave most comments alone.

And if I can keep you focused on me and keep you ineffectual...well, it's worth the effort.

Autumn Sandeen said...

See? You just can't help yourself from throwing out more flamebait -- this time on Twitter:

Mr. Ssndeen's Feewings are hurt...

And as I replied to you on Twitter:

@_justjennifer_ Nope. Just another straw man fallacy & delusion of yours. Keep paying attention to me though..keeps you busy & ineffectual.

God, I just can't wait for blog post 153, Jennifer. I honestly just can't wait to see how much flamebait you throw out in that post trying to get a rise out of me. I hope it's soon too.