Monday, August 12, 2013

A Very Bad Law

I'm normally a big supporter of both Tom Ammiano and Gov. Jerry Brown, but I am not happy with either of them at the moment.

Ammiano introduced, and Brown signed, AB1266, the law is meant to provide protections for "transgender" students.  Unfortunately, it contains one provision that makes it a very bad law.
A pupil shall be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs and activities, including athletic teams and competitions, and use facilities consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records.
Strictly interpreted, this would mean that a male student, upon declaring that his gender identity is female, would not only be able to play on a girl's athletic team (irregardless of his hormonal status), but would also be able to join the girls in the shower after the game.

I am sure the transgender extremists are just...well, doing what men who are sexually aroused do, over the prospect of this.

It is one thing to say that students should be treated fairly, or that students who identify as transgender should be allowed to dress and be treated as the gender they claim to identify with, but the idea that a male student should be able to be in a place where female students have a right to expect privacy, simply by making the assertion that "he feels like a girl," is absurd.

The irony is, no student who is actually transsexual would take advantage of this, so any student who actually does, and perhaps none actually will, is simply not a transsexual, but is instead a pervert.


Nicky said...

I see AB1266 that California signed into law, is going to backfire on them when some guy takes advantage of that law to sexually assault or rape a young girl in a bathroom or locker room. Then claim gender identity. It's clear that California is going backwards and pandering to the Men who are sexually aroused. Their is a blog that talks about it and the link is;

Nicky said...

This will make you sick to the stomach at the lengths these Transgender kooks will go through. Heres one example;

Here's a blog post on it:

Just Jennifer said...

I think that one goes a bit beyond most "transgender." That is just plain nuts. Sad really. He needs serious mental health care. Until I saw the Gender Trender article, I was not sure he was transgender, though I had a suspicion.

It was a sort of similar case that led to the imprisonment of Doctor Brown, the notorious butcher of a surgeon who used to do SRS on a kitchen table. He indulged some kook who wanted his leg cut off. The conditions were less than sterile, and the patient died of gangrene, and Brown went away for murder.

Nicky said...

On top of that, Mr Clive "Chole " Jennings-White now post on this forum with the comment that you really have to see. Here's the link;

I think it's worth a blog post cause people are pissed that Mr Clive "Chole " Jennings-White is faking a disability and has a fetish for being disabled and thinks being permanently disabled is part of his transition. On top of his desires for SRS.

Hell Bedlam said...

Hi Jennifer, this isn't a comment, I just want to ask if I can link to your blog from my blog. I want to do a post just linking to different trans voices (no commentary, no critique, just trying to signal boost). I understand it must take a lot of bravery to blog like you do.

Nicky said...

It seems now that the Transgender Kooks have a sunk a new low and you can see in Mr Clive "Chole " Jennings-White

Just Jennifer said...

Hell Bedlam, I have no problem with you linking to here.

Elizabeth said...


I have to disagree with you about AB1266. Having lived this as a child like you said anyone born transsexual will not do anything stupid plus since being transitioned is requirement then what male would do that if they are not transsexual?

I think we get blinded by the idiot adults in the transgender world. Kids want to fit in and since this is K-12 adults need not apply.

This has been in affect else where without problems and sometimes the bigger picture is more important and anything that helps children that are transsexual or even transgender is part of the bigger picture for me.


Just Jennifer said...

I honestly hope you are right. But it seems more and more that age is less of a factor. I have encountered some younger versions of what used to limited to older transvestites.

I would have prefered a better worded law. This one can be abused and very possibly will be. Not necessarily by the kids, but by unscrupulous adults. For example, there are some disturbing issues in one very well known case. Thins may not be as simple as they seem.

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Deina said...

Apparently these same policies have been in effect for trans children in Texas for years! They haven't had any problem with it at all.

Yes, good old bass-ackwards "Your body belongs to the State" Texas!

California Trans Bill Freak Out |
The Transadvocate

Just Jennifer said...

Ah, I am writing an article addressing Mr. Williams bogus claims about such things. No, that is not true. Houston has a non-discrimination policy, but I have seen no indication that it contains the provision that many find objectionable in the California law. Mr. Williams, who has a serious problem with the truth, uses weasel language to imply that Houston has the same policy, when it clearly does not.