Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's Really Rather Simple

I came across this on Twitter, and I find it rather amusing....
Well, first off, I am not fixated on him at all.  He is one of several "transgender extremists" I regularly look at for source material.  I also look at the rants of Mr. "Cristan" Williams, Mr. "Monica" Roberts, Mr. "Dana" Taylor, Bilerico, Suzy Cooke, Transgender News, and others. And I get ideas from various other sources.  

Now, to be honest, I have never actually looked at how often any one person shows up in this blog.  I know others, including Cooke, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Taylor have all made similar claims.

But the reasons Mr. Sandeen has shown up so much are rather simple....
  1. He is an extremely prolific blogger at times.  When he is in one of his manic phases (he is very vocal about being bipolar) he writes a lot.
  2. His writings tend towards the sillier extremes of the transgender movement.  He provides some of the best of the worst of transgender silliness.
  3. He really is sort of a perfect storm of insanity.  I mean, this is someone who has rather publicly boasted of his defrauding the court system in San Diego (and yes, he knows he pulled off a fraud, because he was frantically afraid that someone would let the court know he was still a male).
  4. He has, on more than one occasion attempted to stalk me, and bully me.  I don't take well to such attempts.  Especially when they involve him attempting to use my daughter against me.  I would never dream of trying to track down his estranged son to obtain dirt on him.  And then he had the nerve, when he feared being reported to authorities, to try to claim he was trying to "help."
  5. And, it should be noted that it was Mr. Sandeen's over the top censorship  at Pam's House Blend was what let to me deciding to blog.  Who knew it would that would lead to.  Sort of backfired on him in ways he never imagined.
I realize Mr. Sandeen, like a lot of men, does not take well to disagreement, or criticism, but hey, that's tough.

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