Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This Is Outrageous!

One of the biggest issues for transgender activists is over the right of men to enter women's spaces.  In Washington state, this has really gotten out of hand.  A middle-aged man, no I will not refer to this perve as a even a "trans woman," he is a pervert, has won the right to force himself into the women's locker room at Evergreen State College.  Yes, this intact male is allowed to show his shortcomings to any and all women who wish to take a shower.

Worse, he has been allowed to do so when teenage girls are present.  A high school Girls Swim Team was told that they either had to share the shower with him, or they would be forced into a smaller ancillary locker room.

Sorry, but this is an outrage.

Yes, "Colleen Francis" who is a 45 year old man, retired from the US Army after 20 years as a supply sergeant, married three times, has three adult children and two daughters aged 7 and 5, is actually being allowed to show his privates in front of teenage girls if they want to use the women's locker room after swim meets. The college cites state gender identity protection laws as requiring such accommodation of this man's desires.

He is on hormones, as well as a variety of drugs for mental health issues, including lithium. He is known as "Fae Raven” (a name also used by a fetish model in the UK) in the “BDSM Community” and describes himself as:
“polyamorous, bisexual and kinky.” Until very recently, he identified (don't they always) as a heterosexual crossdresser. And, of course, he has made it clear that he has no intentions of having SRS. He likes his boy parts, likes using his boy parts, and plans to keep them.
He lists his life interests as  “drawing, cooking, transgender issues,polyamory, witchcraft, nature, fishing, art, poetry, ocean, women, sex, sexuality, emotions, magic, magick, goddess, reading, erotica, pornography, nudity, crafting, leatherwork, firearms, knives, swords, paganism, wicca, LGBT issues, beauty, gender issues, kink, spirituality, guns, makeup, shoes, boots, corsets, selkies” [sic]  and describes himself as “at once a teen girl and a woman wise beyond her years.”

Actually, in a saner place and time, he would be required to stay away from teenage girls, and women would be protected from him  In fact, a more proper course of action would be to hold this person against his will as he is clearly a threat to others.  But, that will probably not happen until he actually hurts someone.


Nicky said...

I can tell you that their are women, lesbian and radical feminist are outraged by this. Though their are LGBT people and those on my campus are defending this perv and shunning out anyone who speaks against this perv. I spoke out against this perv and as a result the LGBT community on my campus has shun me out for speaking my mind against this perv.

Here's the original story

Just Jennifer said...

Other than the "men in dresses" crowd, I doubt there are many, if any, women who are not outraged by this. I know I would be furious if my daughter or granddaughter was subjected to this pervert's presence. Shoot, I would be outraged if my grandsons were as well.

This is exactly what is wrong with the transgender movement. They have no sense of boundaries.

Nicky said...

yea, and I have seen the backlash in the LGBT crowed who are against anyone who is not for this Perv's rights. Even in my own LGBT group has been against me cause I am not supporting this perv. The Silence from the LGBT is deafening. The fact is the Transgender movement knows no boundaries. Which is why Intersex people are pissed when the Transgender movement invades intersex boundaries.