Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh Dear...Poor Little "Suzy" is Upset Again

Alas, I guess the truth hurts...  Suzan Cooke has posted another rant about me over at "Women Born Transsexual."  Oh well...  I know Cooke hates having faults pointed out, but it is going to happen from time to time.  Not that anyone takes Cooke all that seriously anymore.  Except those few transgenders who are eating it up now that Cooke has become one of their staunchest defenders. 

In fact, in a bit of irony, the kook who was the first of two recent abusive posters is, so far, the only one who has responded to Cooke's post.  I suspect he may also be the fool that was trying to attack me here.  I always figured he would be back.  Or, it could be a rather nasty troll who has been stalking around the Internet for years.  

No, Cooke is, if nothing else, a bit of a coward.  Cooke will only respond from a position where Cooke controls the discussion.  I have made it clear that Cooke is welcome to post here, but I doubt it will ever happen.  Cooke really can't stand up in a fair fight.  Unless the odds are stacked in Cooke's favor, Cooke shies away.  When Cooke started "Women Born Transsexual," I posted a comment welcoming Cooke to the Blogosphere.  Cooke's response was anything but polite.  After that, for quite some time, I pretty much ignored what was said there, though I did read it for the occasional laugh out loud moment.  Cooke is nothing, if not absurdly funny at times.

Well, I will continue pointing out when Cooke makes some absurd remark.  I am really not interested in engaging in a tit for tat with Cooke, but I can tell when something I have said has hit a nerve.  As I said, Cooke has gone from being extremely nasty (once calling a post-op who had chosen to stay with her wife a "skin transvestite") to close to being effectively a member of the transgender extremists I refer to as "gender fascists."  Granted, Cooke hasn't quite reached the point of insisting that people accept the label of "transgender."  But it is getting close.  Hey, I am sure Cooke will finally reach the goal of becoming the Alpha Tranny yet.

Oh, and I notice that Cooke hated Aria Blue, and the person who wrote "Enough Nonsense."  Granted, the person at "Enough Nonsense" apparently had the goods on Cooke, and pretty much confirmed what I always suspected...that Cooke has some major issues, particularly with insecurity.  But I also notice that Cooke did not mention that the person who wrote "Enough Nonsense" was basically blackmailed into shutting down.  I wonder if the same thing happened to Aria.  And now I wonder, did Cooke perhaps have something to do with it?  Probably not, but Cooke apparently has no problem with REAL bullying.  

Anyway, it is good to know that I hit a nerve.  Cooke is the type who needs to be brought down a notch occasionally.  And when Cooke starts slinging nasty insults, you know Cooke has been.....  I mean really, "Classic Trannie Skanks?" That is, no pun intended, a real classic. As I said, Cooke is nothing, if not good for a laugh. But, then again, this is the fool who gave the world the silliness of "Women Born Transsexual...," the only term that might top "Womyn Born Womym" as truly absurd.

I checked in and was not particularly to find that Gender Fascist and Cyberstalker "Autumn" Sandeen has add his two cents worth (and vastly over priced at that) on the subject.  Sandeen, who spent TWENTY years in the Navy is claiming he "never really passed as a man."  Gee, I wonder where he got that from?  It certainly was not a part of his story in the past.  In fact, when he first posted photos of himself in his Navy drag costume, he bragged about his twenty years worth of stripes showing "good conduct."  Yeah, like he would have lasted 20 minutes in the military if he did not pass as 100% all-American macho male.  Uh huh...  No, Sandeen clearly picked up on something I have pointed out...that us hated classic transsexuals, who were not lucky enough to have found the means to transition early, did lead horrible lives until we did.  Sandeen was a happy go lucky crossdresser.  Oh, I am sure he slipped into something frilly when he got the chance, but the rest of the time, you know he was all man, or he would have been run out of the service, and not in the official way.  They wouldn't have given him the chance.  He would have been begging for a discharge instead of waiting 20 years and then, at the last minute, claiming disability.

Oh, and now Sandeen is trying to play the victim, claiming having someone respond to his stupidity causes him to "trigger."  Good grief...  We can only hope he actually does do everyone a favor and crawls under a rock and shuts up.  Though I admit, I would miss the humor...

Yes, Sandeen and Cooke...two peas in a pod.

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Sherri Lynne said...

Hi Jennifer, I just discovered your blog. I think you are right and have written several articles on my own blog about the deeply flawed theoretical construct of the gender continuum and an article on the oppression by the gender police. You can view these at
I'll sometimes refer to myself as a woman of transsexual experience, but the bottom line is that, simply, I am a woman.
Sherri Lynne Tancyus