Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Straw Man About A Straw Man?

Wow, I know how much "Cristan" Williams, gender fascist extraordinaire, loves to make straw arguments, but I have to say, creating a straw argument in order to falsely accuse me of making a straw argument....well, that is a stretch even for him.

In a rather silly attempt to avoid dealing with the fact that he demands to impose the term "transgender" on people against their will, he says"
The troll completely misrepresents my post by pretending to defend herself against my supposed and entirely fictitious claim that only I get to decide who is and who isn’t a women:
Now, where he gets this silliness from is, well it's beyond me, since that is not remotely what I said.  Mr. Williams devotes a lot of time and effort into trying to rewrite the history of the term "transgender" in order to force it on those who do not identify that way.  I have taken him to task for that, and I might add, I have noticed when his arguments are refuted, he resorts to ad hominem attacks, such as calling the person challenging him a troll.

Now, as to Mr. Williams claim that I am contradictory, I would point out that I have never said that he has to call himself anything.  I have never said, nor would I ever say, that he should not be allowed to call himself a woman.  I would not even claim that Colleen Francis, the pervert in Washington State, who has a propensity for forcing his penis on teenage girls (who, according to him, just need to be "informed") has to call himself a man.  I'm just not going to lie, and call him one.  I am not going to pander to his delusions.  But hey, as I say, he call call himself anything he wants.

And I find Mr. Williams' comment very telling:
I therefore thought I’d make sure that everyone but Jenifer had an opportunity to fully comment on her pablum here.
Unlike myself, Mr. Williams does carefully censor comments in order to maintain the illusion that his, uh, logic and wit, are unassailable.  That is one of his more male attributes.  I really dislike having to moderate comments, but a couple of rather nasty trolls make it necessary.  The person who apparently complained that their post required approval had their post approved a bit over 30 minutes later.  I would have done it sooner, but hey, I was not at my computer.    Apparently, in that time, Williams was notified, and posted his rather snarky comments on his web site.

Oh, and I would like to note that Mr. Williams also has no regard for people's privacy. I do not not use my real name here. Mr. Williams, of course, being a gender fascist extraordinaire, presumes to use people's names when they have made it clear that they wish to remain private. As does, Suzan Cooke.

And finally, the primary purpose of this blog is to do exactly what Mr. Williams and Cooke expose them for what they really are. Both go to great lengths to carefully control responses. Mr. Williams, or Cooke for that matter, could have posted here, but they would not have been able to control the argument. That is something they really can't deal with. It has to be where they are in control, or they don't want to play...

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