Monday, October 15, 2012

Reluctantly, I Am Changing Policy

When I started this blog, I made it a policy that I would have an open comment policy.  The only restriction was no anonymous comments, and the only rule was no invasions of privacy.  That policy has worked pretty well...until lately.  A few months ago, I had an abusive commenter, and I discovered that it was pretty much impossible to block anyone from commenting here.  I deleted her comments until she got the message, and gave up.

But that sort of thing is tiresome, and it requires pretty constant vigilance.  

Today, I was lucky.  I caught a comment just as it was posted, and yes, it contained a nasty message that was a serious violation of the rules.  Specifically the one concerning privacy.  It was immediately deleted, but it also contained a threat that it would just be the first of many.  I know that sort of commenter, and well, I don't have the time to monitor the board constantly.

So, the new policy, reluctantly put into place, is all comments are subject to moderation.  The rules otherwise remain in place.  The only comments that will not be passed through are ones that violate the one rule.  So, don't bother, you will be deleted.  Otherwise, I promise to get your posts up as soon as possible, and to respond when appropriate.

And as I suspected, the troll in question sent several nasty little messages...a few got through before the change took place, but now the new policy is in place, and the last from him was blocked.  

Isn't that the way it goes...some troll has to ruin it for everyone else.


Angel said...

I can only imagine.

My own blog has had comment moderation enabled almost since its inception, and that has served to block weirdos and abusers from posting on a number of occasions.

Just Jennifer said...

Well, Mr. Troll has kept up a steady stream of abuse since being blocked. He claims to be a cisgender lesbian friend of someone I "misgendered." Oh well, I will give him credit, he caught a typo I made. Then again, spelling flames are especially lame...

In any case, he won't be bothering anyone here...

Just Jennifer said...

Nicky, I am sorry but I am not going to post your comment with the link to Cooke's article. I do not appreciate the fact that Cooke does not respect that i do not use my actual name here. I am actually not particularly out, and the only reason anyone actually knows my name is a rather nasty cyber-stalker who has been harassing me for well over ten years. Granted that is nothing...He has been harassing one person for about twenty years now, and that person has since detransitioned and dropped out of site for the most part. But he still Googles that person under there present name from time to time, and harasses them.