Monday, October 29, 2012

As Much As It Pains Me To Say It....

Roseanne Barr, for once, is right....

Quite frankly, I have never cared for Roseanne Barr.  Since the first time I ever saw her in a Pizza Hut commercial, through her years as a sitcom star, and her many outrageous stunts, I have always found her irritating, outrageous, and not at all likable.

But, her comments about men forcing their way into women's space based on a claim of being "trans women" is dead on.  And, I am not really all that surprised that a bunch of kooks have attacked her for speaking the truth.  Simply put, they can't handle the truth.

This all stems from the incident I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.  Barr got the facts a bit wrong, saying that it occurred in Australia, not Washington State, but otherwise was right about this being simply wrong.  This pervert has no business being in women's space, and especially not when he insists on forcing his nudity on teenage girls.  

I find it very interesting that, by and large, the "transgender activists" have pretty much pretended this story does not exist, except for viciously attacking Barr for not adhering to the party line.  They don't quite have the courage to come out in support of the pervert, but they also lack the decency to admit that maybe things have gone a bit too far.

Funny, in a way...the common cry we have heard whenever the bathroom issue comes up is, "We just want to pee in peace..."  They throw fits, and complain that they are being accused of horrible things, when all they really want to do is just go in, use the bathroom, and leave in peace.  That certainly seems reasonable.  And for many transgender people, it is.  Of course, there are those who are not at a point in their transition where they remotely are credible as women.  You might think they would have the decency to delay their forays into the women's room until they are better able to fit in, but they often demand to be accepted.

And now, we have a pervert, who openly speaks of his sexual deviations, who is demanding to be allowed to be present, nude, when other women are in the facility, and some of the more insane of the transgender activists are defending him.

Barr is right, this is as stupid as the LGBT groups who were prepared to embrace NAMBLA as a cause.  The problem this time is, common sense, and decency, do not seem likely to prevail.  


Skymist said...

The alternative is some kind of "gender recognition certificate" process like in the UK where you can get walking papers that guarantee your right to use the bathroom. That would discourage some of the borderline behavior.

Just Jennifer said...

Actually, it used to be common practice for therapists to provide "carry letters" for transsexuals who were undergoing the real life test in preparation for surgery. It would explain the situation, the necessity of living completely in the role of the target sex, and that the patient was not a crossdresser or a molester. Of course, no transgender would consider such a thing these days. They demand the right to go into women's spaces, and that women accept them as fully female, even if there is not question the they are 100% male, have a history of sex offenses, and are behaving improperly.