Friday, August 21, 2009

What's Wrong With Being Normal?

One of the most basic differences between those with Harry Benjamin Syndrome (also referred to as classic or true transsexuals) and those who are transgender is the desire to simply be normal. And by normal, I mean to be seen as the sex that is normal for us. Those who are transgender seem to have an obsessive need to be "different." They seem to be happiest when they are flaunting their status as having been born a different sex than the one they present as.

It is certainly the right of those who identify as transgender to present themselves as they wish. If they wish to be seen as men in any shape form or fashion, even if it is as former men, that is their choice to make. But, many of them do not stop there.

Some of the more extreme transgender types, the ones referred to as "gender fascists" try to impose their own self-image on others. They either do this directly, telling post-ops that they are not really women, but are actually men, or they do it indirectly, making stupid comments like this one from "Autumn" Sandeen:

So are you're saying it's shape of genitalia only that makes one male or female?

If you are, you're by inference then calling me a man as I've outed myself as being preoperative.

Yes, Mr. Sandeen, that is exactly what is being said. No amount of fantasy is going to change that. At one time, even the most extreme of the transgender seemed to understand the idea that one's "gender" or better, one's sexual differentiation of the brain, is separate from one's physical sex. Now they have tried to completely muddy the waters.

The common cry from the transgender is that physical sex doesn't matter. Women can have penises, and me can give birth (remember the "pregnant man.") They glory in the abnormal, and attack those who wish to simply correct their birth defect and move on with their lives.

Even Suzan Cooke, who coined the phrase "Women Born Transsexual" has adopted the transgender ideal of being "different.." In response to comments about how someone prefered to simply get on with their life, and being normal, Cooke had this to say:

Why? What is so great about being part of the dull gray straight world? Seriously?

By the way I do not thank imaginary sky fairies.

Too many of those touting their place in the straight world were straight CDs married to women and still married to them.

I’d much rather run in the boho world of interesting people than in the straight world among boring conservative people.

But on another level your snotty comment smacks of jealousy. I’d be willing to bet Calpernia is a lot better looking than you are.

Now, Cooke certainly has a right to live her life as she pleases. No one should question that. But Cooke's comments were in the context of someone questioning whether those who choose to be "professional transsexuals" should be held up as role models for others. This is not so much Cooke defending her choices as it is Cooke attacking those who might make a different choice. And I do find it interesting that, like most transgender types, Cooke seems to equate attractiveness as a woman with one's value.

Cooke, like others who are transgender, just doesn't get it. Calpernia is a lovely person, who went through a horrible experience, but because of choices she has made, she will never be able to simply live her life as a woman. She will always be, at best, a trans woman. At worst, she will be seen as something more akin to a drag a man pretending to be a woman. That might not be fair to Calpernia, but it is how things work, and again, no amount of fantasy or political activism, is really likely to change that.

Increasingly, those who do wish to simply get on with their lives are viciously attacked by the transgender types. On one board, a TG went to great lengths to tell people that it was no use, you could not "hide." While it is possible for people to find out about one's past, it does not happen that often. If, for example, someone were to know my name, and they were to check the right court records, they could discover my old name. But how often does anyone bother with such? If someone has your Social Security number, they can, in theory, access your employment history, but that cannot legally do so without your permission. But if someone has your Social Security number who is in a position to misuse it, you have a lot more problems than just that.

No, there is nothing wrong with being normal. If one chooses otherwise, that is their right, but it is not their right to tell others how to live their lives.

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anoldfriend said...

I have always wondered why anybody would want to be freaky, a he-she, a tranny any of that stuff.

Cooke hates straight people.

Sandeen wants to be intersexed.

I just want to be normal.