Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Lies

The author of A Gender Variance Who's Who is at it again. In the comments of the article I wrote about before, the lies are just being piled on. This person is obsessed with HBS, and like most gender fascists, will do anything to discredit the concept. Unfortunately, the only thing this person can come up with is outright lies:
In addition to being internet trolls, most HBS women seem to be gynephilic late transitioners, some having had multiple wives before deciding to be transsexual.

I suppose, like most gender fascists, this kook things anyone who disagrees is somehow evil trolls, but beyond that, the rest of the claim is just patently absurd. Clearly this person is just making things up. The author should know better, but hey, this person has never shown any interest in facts. Of coure, facts would not serve this author's purpose.

In the past, this person has shown no respect for people's privacy. If the person's birth name is known, it is used. If it is not known, this person will make one up. And if the person is someone this nut case disagrees with, then lies will be employed to denigrate the person.

Even more interesting is the fact that this person has found an ally in Suzan Cooke, who is a gender facist wannabe. Cooke has not quite won over the rest, as they would still prefer to force everyone under the umbrella. But Cooke is trying. Cooke is really pushing for compromise, but just cannot grasp that compromise is just not acceptable.


Ariablue said...

I posted a response to Zagria in that thread, and I'd like to repeat it here if that's ok in case that person decides not to allow it. I think we need to start talking about what the condition really is instead of letting the fox in the henhouse decide for everyone:

That's a good point Suzan. "Post ops" who do porn are called "women". Right Zagria?

I'll define my terms for you if that helps. Transsexual is a state of being that occurs in animals. It has to do with the way we are born, just like in other animals. It involves a relationship between certain physical structures that create stress in the organism, in the case of humans.

It can be seen in the physical structure of the brain, as well as through observation of brain activity. It is not a psychological issue, nor is it caused by psychological factors. It has nothing to do with gender, nor is it caused by gender variance, which is a stigma put on behavior by society. Nature doesn't care what society thinks.

It is also a treatable condition.

anoldfriend said...

Well put Ariablue.

No Name said...

Those who have known Suzan Cooke for many years refer to her as "Crazy Sue". She told me when she was in high school, she would beat up feminine boys weaker than herself. I have personally seen her mock those that don't pass well. When she had a girlfriend, she pimped the girlfriend off. Suzan used to live in filth, literally. She'd be dead now if her lover hadn't rescued her from the depths of alcoholism and drug addiction. It's entirely possible that the addictions have caused Suzan brain damage. This would explain her "changing directions (on her views) 180 degrees". I visited her site one time only. When I read that she was ragging on the intersexed community, I haven't been back. I really don't know of anything monumental that Suzan has accomplished, other than a profitable prostitution business. Just because she has been around longer means nothing really. She's just another senior citizen. She should not be viewed as an icon. Christine Jorgenson, Riki Anne Wilchins, and Phyllis Randolph Frye should be viewed as icons. Not some loon who blabbering craziness. She's just "Crazy Sue".

Just Jennifer said...

If I recall, the first time I really noticed Cooke was when she posted her bizarre "performance art" that claimed that the APA had removed transsexualism from the DSM.

The stuff about her beating up effeminate boys sounds very plausible. And no, it seems that she is truly a legend in her own mind. Another blogger spoke of having some information about Cooke that indicates that she is actually very insecure, which would explain a lot of the silly posturing. For whatever reason, Cooke seems to be a very unhappy person,

I do disagree about Wilchins and Frye. Wilchins is a professional gender queer and Frye...well, Frye is just a very public transvestite who has an ego as large as Texas. He has done more harm than good.