Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ironic, Isn't It?

A quick note just to say that I find it incredibly ironic that transgender apologist Suzan Cooke is so upset that "Autumn" Sandeen got his photo posted, even though Sandeen invites such exposure, but Cooke thinks nothing of trying to "out" me. Cooke is quite convinced that she knows who I am, even though she doesn't. This behavior is typical of the transgender. They cannot stand the idea that someone might actually be stealth, and they have an obsessive need to link a name with anyone who opposes them.

As I have said before, I am a very private person, and therefore I chose to not give my name out. A lot of people have tried to link me to someone named "Jennifer" who is involved with HBS, but they are just making guesses. I choose to speak out while maintaining my privacy. It would be nice if people respected that, but instead, they won't, so they try to put a name on me even though they don't have a clue.

As I say, I have seen this behavior repeated several times. It is always done by those who either choose to be out, or more often, simply cannot be stealth. For whatever reason, it is very bad behavior, and it just shows that some can't handle the truth, so rather than answering issues raised, they resort to personal attacks, even if the person they are attacking is imaginary.


anoldfriend said...

Cooke and Sandeen are cut from the same cloth. The only real difference is the level they will stoop to get recognition.

They think everyone is like them Tranny Exhibitionist Freaks.

Sandeen wallowed in the limelight with almost sexual joy with all the attention she got from Zapata's killer's trial.

My friend tells me half the transgender community in Southern California hates Sandeen for the damage he has done to the transgender community. Someone should lock Cooke and Sandeen in a room and see............

Just Jennifer said...

I have to agree. Cooke has been around for a number of years and has often engaged in attention seeking behavior. Sandeen...well, that pretty much speaks for itself.

Yes, the host of Sandeen's old web site took him to task for his behavior during that trial. It is sad how the transgender crowd revels in the chance to declare a new martyr, but won't offer a single word of caution to help prevent it.

Yes, I have heard about Sandeen's antics myself. It does make one wonder.