Monday, August 31, 2009

A Little Housekeeping....

I just want to touch on some odds and ends that have come up of late. First off, "Anonymous T-Girl," a person who tends to comment on a lot of the blogs I respond to made this comment on Suzan Cooke's "Women Born Transgender...uh Transsexual" blog:

i can’t stand Jennifer, because out of pure contempt for others, she misgenders people. i don’t know anyone else who does that

Now, this person is entitled to her opinion, but she should at least have her facts straight. First off, she is wrong to assume I act out of "pure contempt for others." Not true at all. Second, I would contend that I am not "misgendering" anyone. No, first off, I don't buy into the transgender silliness that one is automatically entitled to be referred to with certain pronouns simply because they claim to be a certain "gender," or more accurated because they purport to be presenting as a certain gender. Words have meanings, and if I honestly believe someone is not a woman, I am not going to use female pronouns to refer to them out of some hypocritical adherence to political correctness. If I refer to someone with female pronouns, it is because I accept that person as a woman, not because they simply claim to be one.

So, no, I am not misgendering people. I am just being honest. I think it is silly to refer to a crossdresser with female pronouns, just because they are "en femme" (the silly term they seem to prefer) or to call someone who lived most of his life quite comfortably as a successful man by female pronouns just because he decided that "just" crossdressing is not enough, and now he wants to do it all the time.

The ironic thing is, except for being a bit puzzled at why anyone who seems to be otherwise quite transsexual would ever call their self a "T-girl," we generally seem to be on the same page.

Now, I would also like to remind people that, unlike most of the transgender blogs, I generally do not engage in censorship. Pretty much anyone is welcome to come and post here. The only real rule I have is that people not make personal attacks on others. Disagreement is fine, and is welcomed for that matter. But please don't attack people. So, even the gender fascists and transgenders are welcome. Even if they have blocked me from posting on their web sites. I don't play those silly games. Unlike them, I am not afraid of disagreement.

And finally, I have to say, it really gets amusing watching Suzan Cooke obsessing about me. Cooke really needs to:
  1. Admit that she has pretty much turned into a transgender. Calling herself a "Woman Born Transsexual" is getting sillier and sillier.
  2. Drop by and comment here. Her hiding behind her ban on my posting so she doesn't actually have to face having her silliness challenged is really lame.
  3. Wake up and realize that the Sixties have been over for almost forty years. They are never really coming back.
  4. Realize that I am not targetting her. I post about any transgender silliness. She just happens to crank out more of it than some others, especially of late.
  5. Finally, she really should get a life.

And remember folks, you are welcome to comment. Seriously.


the national gadfly said...

I love your site. I have tweeted several of your posts already and have added this site to our google-reader.


Ariablue said...

ATG is a friend and supporter of the truth as it pertains to us all. I hope minor differences that arise over terminology don't turn into something nasty.

anoldfriend said...

ATG didn't deserve being attacked by Cooke, Like Jen I have known Cooke for thirteen years, belonged to her group and have grown tired of her attacking people who disagree with her.

As for "misgendering" people, act like a man, get called a man. I won't tolerate certain types of behavior on the net from anybody.

Marti said...

Dear circular firing squad participants:

You are amusing to us "transgenders" or "gender queers".

It's good to see you've graduated from usenet. And even better to know that we gender fascists have nothing to worry about from the likes of you. You'll destroy each other, meanwhile we can go out and do actual work that helps other trans people.

Just Jennifer said...

Aria, for some time, I could not figure out why ATG would viciously attack me. She slammed me on several blogs, and I honestly did not understand why. Then, she finally said why on Suzan Cooke's blog, and since Cooke apparently fears me, and has banned me, I responded here. To be honest, I have absolutely no animosity towards ATG at all. She is entitled to her position, and is welcome to come here and respond if she wishes. As I said, beyond that one point, we seem to generally agree.

Just Jennifer said...

Ah, the infamous Marti pays us a visit. Dream on. Your day has passed. When people come to realize that transsexuals don't wish to be a part of you little boy's club, the majority will turn on you. We really are tired of being used as your beard.

Just Jennifer said...

Arvan, thanks for the compliment.

Just Jennifer said...

Friend, Cooke has a long history as a kook. The ironic thing is, for a while she seemed to mellow. She invited me to join her mailing list, and I made the mistake of accepting. All was quite congenial until I made a suggestion that Cooke did not like. My horrible sin? I suggested that transsexuals might wish to hire a non-transsexual a a public spokesperson. Someone who could express our views, but not force someone to out their self publically to do so. Cooke went off on me, and from that point, nothing I said was "right." Then her partner Tina started attacking me, and even though I was completely polite, was falsely accused and banned. I got a few emails from people saying it was not right, but to be honest, I was glad to be free of that bizarre little cult of personality.

anoldfriend said...

I think you and I were on her list at the same time.
I never posted anything as I remember Cooke from the Usenet days.

These latest moves by Cooke are just a series of back flips in order to try and position herself in front of a movement that doesn't need her.

A case of the Kettle calling the pot the N-word. You seem to have a thing for Autumn, I find it laughable you can come over here and make your silly comments when you work to destroy that dysfunctional person.

Have a nice day.
An Old Friend

Ariablue said...

I think I understand where you are coming from about the pronoun thing. Generally speaking, I tend to use pronouns that people want. This practice, this politeness, is what lets certain people get away with their nonsense claiming to be non op women and all that rot.

There really are differences among the TG. Some of the people I have known I have no problem calling them Miss, Ms, she, her, etc. regardless of what may or may not of happened surgically. But some people take advantage of that to step in with their male crossdressing and knowingly pretend to be something they know they are not.

I emphasize the "knowing" part because I think that is what delineates the tragically TG from those who are out to do mischief. It is for those who are up to no good that I oppose GENDA laws.

Just Jennifer said...


I would say that most of the time I also use the pronouns that a person prefers. I even have a few friends who are transgender and who most likely will not have surgery. There is one such friend who I always refer to as a woman. I even have called her my sister.

No, it may seem like I do this more than I actually do because most of those I deal with here are the likes of Sandeen and Helms. And even online, there are transgender people I refer to with preferred, for example Cooke comes to mind.

No, I reserve male pronouns for those who are truly men, even though they want people to think otherwise.

I do not believe that womanhood is something you can just claim on a whim. Generally, I will refer to someone as a man if they have a history of being a self-avowed non-op, a long history of being a successful male, came to the decision that they are "really a woman" late in life, or otherwise act like a man.

Anonymous T-Girl said...

Why 'Anonymous T-Girl'?

'Anonymous Transsexual Woman' just doesn't roll well. Though with my choice i will admit, dry humour translates poorly.

You haven't seen me 'vicious'. No one has. Yet. i was approaching the outer ring of it with Sandeen, though.

That's the fourth reference to usenet i've read in as many days. More clinging to the past. Sad.

"But some people take advantage of that to step in with their male crossdressing and knowingly pretend to be something they know they are not."


"I even have a few friends who are transgender and who most likely will not have surgery. There is one such friend who I always refer to as a woman. I even have called her my sister."

Careful there, Jennifer. Much more talk like that and you might start sounding human.

And...just a little advice.

You might want to check out someone's profile and blogs before thanking them. What you find may offend you.

i think you've been link-fished with 'Arvan'.

Just Jennifer said...


True, Anonymous Transsexual Woman does sound a bit odd. "Vicious" is a relative concept. But yes, Sandeen does have that affect on people.

As to Usenet, I was very active there at one time. Abernathy is just being stupid.

Aria is right about how some behave. That is the second time I have seen you use that term. Are you referring to Aria, or to transgender types?

If you bothered to get to know me, you might find I am not as bad as you think. I have simply grown tired of the silliness from people like Sandeen, Helms, Abernathy, and Cooke. They deserve what they get.

And I don't usually get offended. I may disagree with someone, but if I do I will point that out.