Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Not About You...

I really had to laugh when I read this comment by Suzan Cooke on Woman Born Transsexual:

As for outing her. she uses her name in posts to the Advocate and else where and is currently making her blog pretty much about me.

I bash back

First off, I don't know why Cooke would think I would write posts to a gay publication like the Advocate and second, it really isn't about Cooke, or any other individual.

My blog is about issues that affect those with Harry Benjamin Syndrome, including the crap that spews from the transgender activists, particularly those who are referred to as the "gender fascists." Cooke has decided to cozy up to the likes of "Monica" Helms and "Autumn" Sandeen and so, she gets mentioned.

I realize that in the bizarre world of the transgender any disagreement is tantamount to "bashing." Oh well, they can think what they want. Personally, I think it all rather silly.


Lisalee said...

It's beyond silly...

anoldfriend said...

Cooke is one silly peace of work.

It must have been all those drugs.

Just Jennifer said...

Lisalee, I agree. I think the problem with Cooke is that she wants to be part of the TG movement if only because it is bigger. She is tired of being a very small fish in a very small pond and wants to be one of the really big fish in a very large pond. She seems to really want to bridge what she perceives as a gap between transgender and transsexual and unite us all into one massive force. What she does not realize is that this is not acceptable to those of us who don't want to be "transgender." I really don't want the transgender crowd to get their way. I have no desire to see gender deconstructed or eliminated. I have no desire t see one's sex be simply and totally a matter of choice. I really don't want any of the silliness they are pushing.

Just Jennifer said...

Cooke is an aging radical who has been left in the dust of history and who wants to relive what she imagines were her glory days. A lot of them grew up and have moved on. Some never will. And yes, I am sure the drugs certainly haven't helped.

anoldfriend said...

Can someone tell me why there are so many NPD egomaniacs in the Transgender movement?
Are they putting crap in the food and water I don't know about.

These people are nutz..

Can we just round them up and whorehouse them somewhere and get on with life.

I wouldn't be fore exterminating them, but we need to segregate them fro society.
We don't need anti-social freaks trying to take over society.
This is not a Queer Nation it's a nation of rational people.

Just Jennifer said...

That is a really good question. I don't know...perhaps being transgender leads to people developing a narcissistic personality. Or, very possibly, people with a narcissistic personality are drawn to being transgender as a way to express it. Either way, I agree, a lot of them are quite nutty.

I do know the overwhelming majority of transgender people seem to have a strong need to force it on people. They want people to know they are rebelling against the gender norms.

anoldfriend said...

"I do know the overwhelming majority of transgender people seem to have a strong need to force it on people. They want people to know they are rebelling against the gender norms."
That is the MAN'S way of doing things.

Helms and Sandeen with erect male member in hand saying....
"I AM A WOMAN!!! rather YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!"

See that is what they are all about and that is how they force their false womanhood upon us.
They call their man parts a clit and we are suppose to agree with it.

WELL Autumn, your fake and so is your queer friend Monica F (stands for fucked up) Helms.
Well it probably stands for his father's name something like Frank.

Both of you grow up and go back to being the men you are.

Just Jennifer said...

Yes, this sort of behavior is one of the main reasons that Helms and Sandeen do not vibe as women. Granted, Sandeen's remark about liking to stand to pee also contributes to that.

I really am disgusted with the growing tendency to claim that one can merely declare their sex and expect it to be accepted.

And I also find it offensive when people do things like refer to their penises as their "clit." Or any of the other silly terms that some transgender come up with to describe their privates. You aren't fooling anyone, it is not clever, and it is ultimately quite irritating.