Friday, September 6, 2013

How Arrogant Can One Transgender Extremist Get?

I have seen Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen post some pretty arrogant stuff.  I mean, he loves to style himself as the "transgender" equivalent of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  But he has reached a new low...  He is now comparing himself to Private Manning.

Now, I am not interested in debating whether Private Manning is a hero, or a villain.  That is not the purpose of this blog.  But I will note that Sandeen, before Manning expressed the desire to now be know as "Chelsea" was pretty much on the villain side, and it should be noted, he took a lot of flack for it.  Now, he wants to elevate himself to the same level.

In his most recent post on LGBT Weekly, Mr. Sandeen engages in absurd self-aggrandizement as he boasts of how he took what he implies were great personal risks during his exhibitionistic performance at the White House fence in protest of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."  Well, at least that is what he thought he was saying when he posted this delightful Freudian slip:
But, having my belief about my own actions regarding those protests I participated in, I had no illusion that what I was doing was violating the explicit direction of Navy uniform regulations. That regulation states “Members of the Navy and Marine Corps, including retired members and members of reserve components are prohibited from wearing uniforms of the naval service while attending or participating in a demonstration, assembly or activity knowing that a purpose of the demonstration, assembly or activity supports personal or partisan views on political, social, economic or religious issues.” And, I knew there could be serious consequences to violating military law.
I assume what he meant to claim was that he was "aware" that his actions might well result in serious consequences, though what he actually says is the clearly more truthful idea that he knew, quite well, that they simply wouldn't.  Simply put, there is no way that the Obama administration was going to send Mr. Sandeen to military prison, or worse, strip him of his military pension.  It simply would not be a very smart move politically. 

Mr. Sandeen goes on to puff himself up by talking about how he would have faced the same problems as Private Manning, had he gone to military prison (like that was even a remote chance).

To be honest, at this point, I really have to pity Mr. Sandeen.  He clearly is desperate to puff himself up, and has reached the point where he is now more than willing to engage in the most ridiculous of self contradictory claims.  Two weeks ago, he trashed Private Manning, and now he compares himself to that same person in an obvious attempt to ride the wave of publicity.

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