Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thank You Mr. Taylor

Seriously, I want to thank Mr. "Dana Lane" Taylor for his article on Transadvocate entitled "On 'Passing' As A Woman."  In this article, you have made very clear the difference between transgender and transsexual.  Even though you have turned against "transsexual separatism" you have made the case for it beyond question.

Of course, this is not what was intended.  The article rather cluelessly expresses what transgender is REALLY about.  Or, perhaps, more to the point, what it clearly isn't.  

Now, Mr. Taylor bases the article on the term "passing," which I also disdain, but for very different reasons.  I have said, more than once, "I don't pass."  I don't mean, as they say, that "get clocked," or that "I get read," quite the opposite in fact.  I simply mean that I am accepted as what I am, simply a woman.  What Mr. Taylor means is, in fact, just the opposite.  Like many transgender males (and yes, he is a male), he does not wish to be seen as a woman, because if he is seen as a woman, he cannot force to acknowledge him as a "woman."  And forcing people to accept him as what he is not, and never will be, is what it is all about for men like him.  And yes, Mr. Taylor is also really a man...socially, and emotionally.

For a transsexual, this is all about being who, and what, we really are....women.  For transgender males, it is about forcing people to abandon reality and acknowledge them as "woman," even though their personalities are clearly masculine, and they retain their penises.

Mr. Taylor tries to dress his garbage up in a false patina of pseudo-feminism, talking about defying "stereotypes."  But, stereotypes exist, quite simply, because they reflect reality.  But the issue here is not about how people dress...when I was approaching beginning my real life test, I could not "pass" as a male.  I had some very bizarre experiences, including being told I was going into the wrong restroom when trying to use the men's room.  I avoided going to lunch with my boss for fear of being called "ma'am" by wait staff.

Mr. Taylor talks about the "harm" that encouraging passing might cause to someone, like him, who is never really going to be accepted as a woman (I suspect that the "male" characteristics he speaks of are not so much appearance as his personality...) but I want to present the other side of the coin, so to speak.

The transgender community has been all aflutter over the fact that a "transgender teenager" has been elected homecoming queen in Southern California.  Great news?  Nope.  This poor child, no doubt influenced by men like Mr. Taylor, Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, and Mr. "Christan" Williams, has been "out, loud, and proud."  Cassidy Lynn Campbell was even featured in a photo spread, including shots that gave the impression more of someone who still appears very male with a wig, and quite a bit of make-up.  Now, I realize that this person has just begun attending school as a "girl" this school year, and it is still very early.  Presumably, this person was presenting as a male most of the time, until very recently.  But, what really happens when someone tries to take this path?  

Well, here is a link to what this person posted on You Tube after being brought face to face with reality.  Compare this to other videos where this person self-identifies as a "teenage drag queen."  The video might be a bit of theater, or it may be the honest heartbreak of a transsexual who could have avoided this by actually making an effort to be a female, rather than trying to be a "transgender."  I am certainly leaning towards sincere, but I honestly can't say for sure.

Gee, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Sandeen, Mr. Williams, if it is real, I bet you can feel real proud of what your crap really results in.  Sure, for you, and many others, it is really all a game.  But your game, and your trying to force it on others, has real world consequences.  But you don't care about that, as long as you have your "thrills." If you REALLY cared, you would be working to help young transsexuals assimilate, but that does not fit your agenda, does it?


Nicky said...

That's why people like Mr. "Dana Lane" Taylor, will never, ever be a woman. He will always be a biological born man in a dress with a Penis. Men like Mr. "Dana Lane" Taylor, Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, and Mr. "Christan" Williams will never know what being a woman is all about because to them, they are the worst caricatures of women. They also men who have a sexual fetish and sexual kink.

As for Mr. "Dana Lane" Taylor, he has been featured on one of many Cathy Brennan's blogs including these links:

Even Mr. "Dana Lane" Taylor has tried to silence people and intimidate people by sending the cops to their house on a fake made up story of people stalking him. When they were investigated it, it turned out that Mr. "Dana Lane" Taylor was in reality stalking them instead of the other way around. He used is male behavior to intimidate, silence and bully people because people know that a penis is Male.

Nicky said...

Not to mention that Mr. "Dana Lane" Taylor has many sockpuppet accounts to harass women such as

Nicky said...

Here's more on this Cassidy Lynn Campbell. It's shocking to see what this so called trans is all about. This so called Cassidy Lynn Campbell is none other than Lance

Jennifer said...

You know, she's 16. She's a minor. But by all means, rip her to shreds, Nicky. Let's everyone exploit a 16 year old to make our points!

It's just as abhorrent as the others you name above exploiting her. This whole episode has been disgusting, from the people who thought outing her to the general public was a good idea, the TG's making her a poster child, the media using it for ratings, everything. So why not, just pile on. It's not like she'd ever regret any of this and want some normalcy in the future, being all of 16 right now. But she'll never have a chance at that now. And that's what's sad. Everyone's used her, now she has to live with that. And here you come, Nicky, to tear her down some more. A 16 year old kid.

Just Jennifer said...

Yes, I suspect this person may well regret this. But this person HAS made some really foolish choices. I cannot defend either side in this mess, but after the tranny porn comment on Twitter, I find it hard to see this child very favorably. Sixteen is old enough to show at least SOME sense.

Jennifer said...

I agree, she certainly could, and can, use some sense. But we're talking about a 16 year old girl here, not a creature generally known for having much, until they get a few lessons in the real world. She's already been used by everyone else that could, I just think it's extremely poor to add insult to injury. She's getting one of those lessons now; let's see what she does with it.

Just Jennifer said...

I'm sorry, but I don't know that this person is a girl. There is the self-identification as a "teenage drag queen," the expressed desire to do "tranny porn," and the expressed desire to hook up with a "gay male." You have to keep in mind, this person's ethnicity is "Pacific-Islander," and in some cultures from that region, this is how being gay is expressed. The transgender kooks don't care, and will exploit this child as long as possible.

Nicky said...

The reality is that people are afraid to dig a little deeper into the story to find out that Cassidy Lynn Campbell is really a man named Lance. Who happens to have a fetish for Tranny porn. This is the result of what happens when people find out who the person is really all about. Also Lance aka Cassidy Lynn Campbell put it out their on Youtube, Twitter and even on his gay dating website. So it wasn't hard to dig dirt on him and find out who this so called Cassidy Lynn Campbell is REALLY all about.

Jennifer said...

Well, if we're into going after minors now, count me out. I think that's just despicable. You've lost me.

Just Jennifer said...

Minor, or not, I don't buy into the idiocy of accepting claims of being a female without question. There are serious issues here, and I am simply pointing them out.