Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Transgender Extremists Are Becoming a Self-Parody

When I was younger, I used to enjoy reading MAD Magazine. I always found their satires of current movies and TV shows quite amusing, especially if I had seen what was being parodied. But one in particular sticks in my mind. They took on the comedy Catch-22 which was a satirical anti-war movie about a fictional air squadron during World War II. A fried of mine, who had seen the movie, pointed out that the satire, which was entitled Catch-All-22 was pretty much simply a rehash of the plot of the movie. The movie, he said, was so absurd, that the artists and writers at MAD must have found it impossible to parody.

That is what the "transgender movement" has become, so absurd that they are a self-parody. They take offense at even the slightest, most imaginary insult, and then they launch into a frenzied effort to suppress the often imaginary insult.  In the past, these efforts were mostly limited to cyberstalking, something I have been a victim of, but now they have extended to open attacks on blog sites of radical feminists who express an opinion that is contrary to what the transgender extremists consider to be politically correct.

I often find myself in disagreement with the more extremist of the so called "radfems," but I still respect their right to free speech, just as I respect the right of the transgender extremists to spread their silliness.

For example, one of the most recent battles erupted when a blogger made an off-hand remark about women becoming angry because they cannot achieve the perfect body shape...that of a Brazilian transsexual.  That relatively innocuous remark has led to an amazing about of fury in England that has now spilled over to the United States, including attempts to suppress the freedom of speech of women ranging from those who oppose the more absurd extremes of the transgender kooks to to those who object to transsexuals.

Then there is the outrage expressed by "Autumn" Sandeen on Pam's House Blend.  Mr. Sandeen is upset that President Obama did not make a point of pandering specifically to the men in dresses during his inaugural address in which he spoke "LGBT families."  Mr. Sandeen admits that Obama has done a lot for "transgender people," but is upset that Obama did not actually, specifically mention the men in dresses crowd.  In fact, the Obama administration has, in my opinion, in some cases gone to far.  For example, the State Department allows the update of what Mr. Sandeen falsely refers to as "gender markers" on passports.  No, they are an indication of SEX, which is basically an indication of whether or not you have a penis.  Mr. Sandeen has a penis, and he wants to keep his penis. Therefore, in terms of both sex, and his precious "gender" he is a male, and a man.  Period.  But Mr. Sandeen is one of those who likes to play with gender, abuse it, and subvert it.  He was, is, and always will be a man, even if he makes the tragic mistake of deciding to have SRS to prove something.

It's a simple fact of life...not everyone is going to accept transsexualism as legitimate.  There will always be some, if they know, who will refuse to see a person who was born male as a woman.  This is even more true for the "men in dresses" crowd.  I don't see them as women either.  But hey, I can live with it.  First off, the people who do know are relatively rare in my life, and most who know are people I have told.  The ones who refuse to accept me rarely remain a part of my life.  Most people simply don't know.

But the "transgender kooks" cannot abide this.  They feel they have a privileged right to force people to acknowledge them as female, even if they have a fully functioning penis hidden in the panties.  And if someone fails to do this, they are likely to face outright bullying.  Of course, what else would one expect from a bunch of men?

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Robyn Messy Elliot said...

You are right about the Inagural (sp?) speech, the President would have spent hours off message if he had to list EVERY subgroup of subpopulations! It was NOT an "ommission" and most certainly was not a slight! If more time were spent policing some of the more outlandish nutcases who claim to be trans-whatever for media glory, we would not be saddled with disasterous stories like David Kosileck and Colleen Francis. I cringe thinking about the NEXT media-disaster, whatever freak they trot out who claims to represent ME. Seriously, these people are not all actually stupid, so WHY can they not see the harm they do? And why can they NOT respect that we have a right to reject their UNELECTED "leadership"? It's bad enuff the Religious Right and the Radfem left want a say in my life, but really now other "trans-*" want to claim I'm JUST LIKE THEM? I'll respect their rights to do with themselves whatever they want, but I reserve the same right for myself!