Friday, January 4, 2013

Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics, and Mr. Sandeen's Birth Certificate

Well, "Autumn" Sandeen is at it again.  He has posted a blog entry over at LGBT Weekly in which he makes the completely absurd claim that he is now a "womon born womon," so to speak.  As you may recall, Mr. Sandeen had himself castrated a while back, and then perjured himself before a judge in San Diego in order to get his birth certificate changed.  Sadly, no one followed through on plans to make an appearance and challenge this action.

Now, Sandeen claims that the illegally obtained piece of paper means that he was "born a woman."  Sorry, but NO!!!  HE WAS NOT!!!  He is not, has never been, and will never be a woman.  He simply lacks, to use a term from theology, "valid matter."  Mr. Sandeen shows no sign of being a woman.  His behavior, and his inherent nature is male.

In fact, his very approach to the concept of being a "woman" is very male.  Like many "transgender" men who wish to claim to be women, he sees to see womanhood as something to be taken, demanded even.  When I began transition, it was not with an attitude of entitlement, but with a desire to be accepted.  I did not feel I had an inherent right to be a woman, even though I felt I truly was one.  I felt like I had to show that I was a woman.  If I could not do this, then I felt, perhaps I was mistaken.

Men, like Mr. Sandeen, seek to achieve their "female" status by decree.  It does not matter what the evidence says, they are women because they have a piece of paper that says they are a woman.  They demand that society submit to their delusions.  It is, after all, their entitlement.  Sorry, but that is simply wrong.

Sandeen demands that people accept that he is a woman, even though he has, and clearly intends to keep, his penis. He is no different from "Colleen" Francis, forcing himself into women's spaces, even though he has no business being there, and is really not wanted.

No one with a shred of sense would ever truly accept Sandeen as a woman. He is, at best, a very poor caricature of a very male concept of how a woman acts. A sort of a bad drag act. Sadly, this is apparently how he really sees women. Sandeen is, quite simply, a major argument for the radfem's point of view.

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