Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Some People Are Seriously Disturbed, and Others Are Just Seriously Disturbing...

Well, I ran across another blog post from some kook who seriously wants to defend "Colleen" Francis' right to expose himself to females in a women's locker room in Washington State.  The blog Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters has taken up the fight to protect his pervert's right to expose himself to women, including teenage girls. 

Their argument?  Well, they don't really seem to have one.  They just don't like the fact that Matt Barber, who I agree can be a bit over to top, well, he just doesn't like it, so there...

But the really idiotic argument is made by an anonymous commenter
If you actually read the story in question it was a 17 year old who complained, not a 6 year oldd(sic) as the bigots woulde(sic) have you believe. A woman just 12 months or less shy of being a legal adult who, let's be honest about American youth here, has probably already seen plenty of penises before this incident. If you walk into a locker room available to people in their 40s you're gonna see plenty of gross stuff even if your eye never wanders below the waist.
So, women are now, I suppose, expected to accept the idea that intact males, who are not remotely even transsexual, are allowed to expose their penises in locker rooms and showers?  We are supposed to just accept it?

Well, I am a legal adult, and if were to encounter Mr. Francis, or any other such pervert in a locker room...well, I carry pepper spray for protection and he would get a dose in the face, and an even bigger dose somewhere he would find very unpleasant.

And some wonder why I, and other transsexuals, want NOTHING to do with the label "transgender."


BlackTsunami said...

For the record, Jennifer, I think that you are angry because I refused to print your comment. If you had an email address when I looked for it, I would have told u that I didn't print your comment because I found it ugly and rude. You have a point of view and I would have published it, but I will not abide with rudeness on my blog. That is all which needs to be said.

Just Jennifer said...

ROTFL! When I saw that you, like 99.9% of transgender extremist bloggers, pre-screen comments, I did not expect you would post it. But I had already planned on making my post here. So, you are afraid of the truth. What is rude is Mr. Francis' behavior. As I say, if I encountered him, or someone like him, in a women's dressing room or shower, I would pepper spray him in the face, and in a very sensitive place for good measure.

And unlike you, I don't censor unless someone violates the privacy rule.