Monday, April 9, 2012

Personally, I Take It As A Compliment....

Well, I see that the extremely confused, and often confusing Suzan Cooke has again noticed that I don't share certain views with her, and has again chosen to attack me.  As I said in the title, I take it as a compliment that she is upset at something I said.  Cooke is someone who cannot seem to make her mind just how cozy she wants to be with the transgender.  I suspect she knows she has burned off a lot of what good will she had with the transsexual community with her rather shrill diatribes touting her leftist politics and her overblown ego that make her a legend in her own mind.

Let me state, categorically, and without question, Suzan Cooke is the last person I would ever want to jump on the "Harry Benjamin Syndrome" bandwagon.  Granted, she did early on, but her ego just would not let her own term, "Women Born Transsexual," be replaced by something else.  So, she turned on people who might have, at least on certain specific issues, agree with her.

Since her blog, which I consider a never ending source of humor, began, she had swung periodically between "transsexual separatist" and "transgender."  In Cooke's case, her lefty side wants to join with the transgender kooks in their rebellion.  Her transsexual side pulls her back.  It is sort of fun to watch.

I used to be a member of Cooke's mailing list until I made a suggestion that did not meet with her approval.  Then her partner, Tina, took a dislike to me, and well, it was not pretty.  Something akin to the purging of transsexuals from feminist groups.  I moved on, and very quickly realized that I had lost nothing except a few nasty people I did not need in my life.  

Personally, I pity Cooke.  There are some powerful demons in her life.  I know she has a history of substance abuse, and she clearly is deeply insecure.  Another blogger once did some research and chose not to publish what she found.  She feared it would push Cooke over the edge, and I suspect she was right.

Now, I see that Cooke has teamed up with "Natalie" Reed, who like Cooke, is a rather hateful atheist.  I long ago observed that some atheists seem to have reached some intellectual conclusion that there is no God.  I disagree, but most of them are capable of being decent and congenial folk who only mention their lack of belief if it comes up naturally in a conversation.  They do not feel the need to shout in people's faces, usually as profanely as possible, "I hate God, and refuse to believe in Him!!!"  Yes, that is basically their belief.  They are angry, usually because some human said or did something that hurt them, and they have come to blame God for that slight.  They shake their fist in God's face, and say I hate You, and the worst thing I can do is not believe in You.

All that can really be said for such a person is, God is patient and will welcome them back if they ever feel the need.  In the meantime, the only thing is to pity them, perhaps have a guilty laugh at their expense, and to pray for them.

In the meantime, it is nice to know that Cooke still obsesses over me from time to time.  But hey, it is the least I can offer given all the laughs I have at her expense.  Oh, and I would remind Cooke, she is always welcome to come and argue here.  Cooke is a big believer in the vilest forms of censorship.  Within limits, primarily mine and others privacy, I allow pretty much anyone to come here and make an ass of themselves.

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