Monday, April 23, 2012

Madder Than a Wet Hen...or in this case, Rooster

Well, it seems that the leading gender fascist, "Cristan" Williams is absolutely frantic that Ashley Love stood up to GLAAD over their abuse of transsexual people.  Ms. Love held a rally to protest how GLAAD portrays transsexuals in their media guide.  Mr. Williams, who tends to completely lose it anytime anyone declines to be called "transgender" responded rather furiously.

To be honest, there is really not much to say here.  Mr. Williams provides his usual lame argument...."transgender" has been around a long time, long proud history, Christine Jorgensen once called herself "transgender," etc.

A bit of a yawn...

Kudos to Ashley Love for standing up to Mr. Williams.  He really doesn't grasp how much of a joke he is becoming.

Update:  Since I wrote this article this morning, I happened to check in on Mr. Williams' website and I discovered that Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen had posted one of his typical self-aggrandizing pieces about how he had been at the GLAAD awards, and how Ashley Love had attended the awards dinner.  Apparently this caused both Mr. Sandeen and Mr. Williams some upset.  Not to mention the fact that the GLAAD people were apparently in a near panic that Ms. Love might actually exercise her right to free speech and say something they did not approve of.

Once again we see how the "transgender" extremists feel an amazing compulsion to control both speech and people's thoughts.  If you do not follow their party line, then they feel you must be crushed and hopefully silence.  Insane, and more than a bit unnerving.

I might add, kudos to Ashley Love for having such a terrifying effect on those who seek to oppress anyone who does not wish to be forced into a certain mindset.

Yet Another Update: Well, it seems that Mr. Sandeen and Mr. Williams are beside themselves over the very idea that Ashley Love might actually have had some influence at the GLAAD event.  Mr. Williams is desperately trying to deny that Ashley might have actually distributed any materials within the event (as she claims on her web site) and, well, Mr. Sandeen just has the vapors over the whole thing.  I mean, just imagine, Ashley Love actually speaking to people about a view that is not vetted and approved according to the official gender fascist party line.  Now, we can't have that, can we?

Oh, and uh, a clue for the "I'm shocked, shocked...." Mr. Sandeen....Ashley Love does not buy into your nonsense and she is exercising her right to disagree with you, and GLAAD.  Get over it, get used to it.

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Dana Lane Taylor said...

I read the comments between Williams and Sandeen and my head imploded. DENSE!