Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ah, So Mr. Natalie Reed is a Cyber-Stalker to Boot!

I was taking a glance at my blogs statistics after last week's hoopla about Mr. Reed.  I had suspected that his blog was the source of the insulting little boys who decided to come my way.  And yes, I discovered that he posted a blog where he purports to reveal my name, and he links to a cyberstalking site that was put up when a group of thugs could not run me off from their little sandbox on Usenet.

Oh well...  such is life when you stand up to bullies.  At least, as far as I know, he has not tried anything as sinister as Mr. Sandeen's bout of cyberstalking.  

For what it is worth, the information that he accessed is about 85% total fabrication, with the remaining 15% so badly distorted that it might as well be made up.  I actually get a bit of a laugh reading how terrible my life is, while knowing that quite the opposite is true.  But like Mr. Williams, Mr. Reed prefers fantasy to truth.  

I do find it amusing that those who, oh so often, whine about how horrible their lives are because they are discriminated against as transgender people seem to take delight in fictional accounts of others supposed suffering.

The simple bottom line is, when I created this blog I chose not to use my name.  I am, in spite of what people claim, stealth.  But, in a perfect example of what the transgender movement is all about, some have presumed to attempt to determine who I am, and to try to cause me harm, simply because I disagree with them.  

Funny thing...  I could do the same thing, but I choose not to.  For example, it took me all of about a minute to determine "Autumn" Sandeen's birth name.  Now, I know he is very protective of that information (though given his waving his male flag, I don't know why) and it would hurt him deeply to have that information revealed, but I have chosen not to do so.  I prefer to deal with issues, not hurt people.  Now, someone like Mr. Reed might not like having his maleness pointed out to him, but it really is central to the issues involved.

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