Monday, April 16, 2012

More Transgender Idiocy...

Sometimes the transgender extremists come up with some pretty silly stuff.  The latest is the complaint that "transgender" voters will be disenfranchised by voter ID laws.  That is truly absurd.  

Personally, given the high degree of voter fraud in some states, I think photo ID laws are a good thing.  I live in San Francisco, where there were considerable complaints about possible fraud in the most recent election where a candidate backed by the "moderate" (i.e. right wing) faction may have received fraudulent votes in Chinatown.  Of course, since the moderate faction also controls the DA's office, no one is really expecting much to be done about this.

The transgender extremists are whining that it is difficult for them to obtain IDs that match their "gender identity."  This is ridiculous.  Yes, some states will not change the sex marker (the TG kooks want to call it a gender marker) on a license until after surgery.  So what?  Is it not better to have a license that reflects one's legal name and has a recent photo while in transition?  Oh wait, we are talking transgender, not transsexuals.  They often want to play around.  They don't necessarily want to commit to one identity, or the other.

In truth, this has nothing to do with transgender people being denied the right to vote (they should either get their ID updated, or present in a manner consistent with their ID) and everything to do with transgender extremists trying to create an issue where none really exists in order to support those who wish to insure that voter fraud is easily committed.

Sad, but not surprising.


Kelly said...

"Yes, some states will not change the sex marker (the TG kooks want to call it a gender marker) on a license until after surgery."

Don't paint this as a TV issue. I guess this would trouble quite a lot of TS too. Most TS are pre-op due to financial and other reasons.

There is now a movement to right this wrong. Separatist thinking with SRS used as the criterion for separation entrenches the misguided policy however.

Just Jennifer said...

Actually, all transsexuals are pre-op for a period. I have no problem with a pre-op being allowed to change their sex markers to facilitate the real life test. I do have a problem with people who falsely claim to be pre-op when they have NO intention of ever having surgery. And I have an objection to the idea of granting a legal change of sex to someone who has not remotely changed their sex.