Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The True Facts Behind the Maryland MacDonald's Beating

You have probably read about the horrible beating a woman received at a McDonald's in Maryland.  And you have possibly seen some of the silliness posted on various blogs about how this was a vicious crime motivated by the fact that this woman was "transgender."  But some facts have come out that show both the insanity and unethical behavior of those who are at the extremes of the transgender confusion.

First off, the attack was not motivated by the woman being identified as transgender.  In a video by the victim, she makes it clear that the crime occurred because she innocently spoke to one o the two attacker's boyfriend.  Clearly, the two who beat her were looking for a fight, and she had the misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Second, she is not at all happy with all these websites who have made a big deal out of her private medical information.  Of course, not a single one has had the decency to even remotely apologize for compounding the invasion of her privacy.  They have all been too busy celebrating their latest martyr.  The fact that she has never openly identified herself as transgender, and clearly is not happy being labeled as such...well, we all know the drill.

No, the victim was first identified as transgender by the person at McDonald's who was busy recording the who thing with his cell phone.  Now, while it is arguable that he was under no obligation to risk his own life to end the fight, at the very least he should have been calling the police, and not looking to make a hit on some web site.

Fortunately, she appears to have escaped without any permanent injuries, and it does appear that the two attackers will be fully prosecuted.  But once again, the transgender extremists show their true colors.  And they don't care who they hurt in the name of pushing their agenda.

And no, in spite of the silly claims, passing the Maryland bill, even if it had contained a "public accommodations" clause, would have done nothing to prevent this.  Nor would it have if the motivation had of been because she was "transgender."  But, as always, there is reality, and then there are the extremists, and never the twain shall they meet.


Angel said...

I am thoroughly disgusted with the transsexual, transgender, and LGB bloggers who have jumped on the bandwagon of claiming this was "trans" motivated and using the victim as a poster child for the gay rights agenda.

I am also amazed at how much the story has morphed since Saturday.

Anonymous said...

The Tee-Gees and TINOs (Transsexuals in name only) are always looking for a martyr to prop up their victimhood. This is no surprise their selfishly motivated to do this, they are as predatory as sharks.

Now that they have been called out you won't any of them, not even the Sandeenistas apologize for their actions.

Just Jennifer said...

Sadly, some are still milking it.

They not only won't apologize, they won't stop abusing her privacy.