Friday, April 22, 2011

Sandeen Goes Cyberstalking

Well, it appears that "Autumn" Sandeen has decided to join the effort by a certain Usenet kook to cyberstalk me.  I have not mentioned it here, but a person on Usenet has been engaged in a vendetta against me, that has, among other things, included sending messages attacking me to what they presume are members of my church.  Now, Mr. Sandeen has joined this effort.

First off, let me state, for the record, that anything I say here is my personal opinion and does not represent anything other than my personal views.  I do not speak for ANYONE else.

Here is the text of the email that Mr. Sandeen has sent to my church.  I should add, I am NOT "out, loud, and proud" at my church, so this represents, among other things, Mr. Sandeen outing me to people who do not necessarily know my past.  
It has come to my attention that Jenifer(sic) is on the staff and vestry of The  as the  Editor. I'm also aware that your church identifies itself as a welcoming congregation, being listed in the, and I would believe therefore that your congregation would subscribe to the Tips On Becoming A Welcoming Congregation.
One of the statements within Tips On Becoming A Welcoming Congregation is this statement:
If you are going to say you are welcoming, be prepared to prove it. 

Outside of the walls of your church building, your staff member Jennifer Usher is not being welcoming of transgender identified people like me.
Specifically, Jennifer has self-identified herself as being owner of the blog called JustJeniferShe has frequently misgendered me as by male pronouns, and refers to me frequently as "Mr. Sandeen." The most recent example of this is in her post It's All About The Egos, where she also misgenders Monica Helms.
It is one thing for Jennifer to vigorously disagree with transgender people's opinions, and another thing altogether for her to intentionally, with malicious intent, frequently misgender transgender identified people.
Jennifer is listed as a staff and vestry member of your congregation. What she says, and how she says it, reflects on your congregation because she is a staff member of your congregation.
Frankly, I would not attend your church or belong to your congregation because you have at least one staff member who very intentionally and maliciously doesn't embrace your message of being a welcoming congregation.
If you are going to say you are welcoming, be prepared to prove it. 

As a staff member of your congregation, she should be required -- if she wishes to remain on your staff -- to take her blog down. That is, after making a public apology on her blog for her intentional and malicious misgendering of transgender people on her blog (since she has made her vile misgendering of transgender people in public). If she does not agree to take the malicious content down and apologize for it, then she needs to be released from your staff.

Your staff member Jennifer reflects poorly on your status as a welcoming congregation. I know I will be talking to governing body of if the situation isn't dealt in a manner that I believe is appropriate. This situation is very significant to me.
Info: Jennifer
P.S.: Please note the last line of my signature block with regards to this e-letter. I'm not agreeing to the electronic publication of this e-letter.
Now, I find it amusing that Mr. Sandeen decides to join in a cyberstalker's illegal efforts to anonymously cyberstalk me (I know, based on a post by another blogger that he has contacted a wide list of people in an effort to recruit them to his cause) but does not want his efforts revealed.

Now, let me point out some things.  I am not a member of my church's staff.  I volunteer as editor, nor am I a member of the vestry.  I am not an employee of the church, but just a member who gives time to several ministries.

Further, I disagree that I misgender anyone.  I do not see Mr. Sandeen as a female, nor do I see Helms as one either.  They are very public about their status, and I do not share their view that simply changing clothes changes one's sex and/or gender.  I refer to them as male as a political statement in opposition to their positions regard transsexuals and those who identify as transgender.  This is a political position, and it is mine alone.  Again, nothing I say here reflects anything other than my views.  Any attempt to associate these views as remotely being those of my church would be extremely dishonest on the part of Mr. Sandeen.  Of course, honesty is not a trait I necessarily associate with him.

BTW, I have been called a male on numerous occasions, including by the very cyberstalker who Mr. Sandeen is assisting (talk about irony, not to mention hypocrisy).  Do I go to pieces?  Do I throw a hissy fit?  No, because I am a woman.  I am not playing a game.  If someone calls me a male, it changes nothing.  It is no different from any other woman being called a male.  It might be a mistake, followed by a quick apology when the person takes a better look.  It might be an attempt to insult, in which case I consider the source.  Or it might be a political statement, in which case I might even have a good laugh.  I am not trying to force society to see me as something I am not.

This is nothing more than a blatant attempt by Mr. Sandeen to accomplish what he has previously been unable to do.  And that is to censor me.  He regularly blocks anyone who disagrees with him.  I was banned from his blog, not for any violations of the terms of service there, but supposedly because of what I write here.  Now, he attempts to censor that by appealing to my church.

As to his claiming that "The contents of this electronic communication are off the record and not for publication on any blog, web site, news site or other public internet outlet unless otherwise agreed to by the author," that carries no weight in light of the nature of said email.  He has shown no regard for ethical behavior by attempting to out me, and to cyberstalk me.  So, I am going to ignore his silly attempt to hide his own misbehavior. 

Oh, and one final thought.  Given Mr. Sandeen's obvious hatred for Christianity, it is kind of funny that he would attempt to appeal to a church to aid him in his censorship.


Not your friend said...

If you need it to file a restraining order I have Sandeen's home address and would give it to you. NOBODY SHOULD HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THAT KIND OF CHILDISH SHIT!.

You can file a complaint with Sandeen's ISP which happens to be Cox Communications of San Diego California.

I objected one day to something Sandeen had posted on PHB The next thing I know I'm receiving a complaint letter from my ISP lodged by, you guessed Sandeen.

So if you need it email me and I'll pass it along.

By the way Autumn I know you read this blog. You ever send me another email and I'll see to it you loose your cable internet privileges. This kind of abuse will get you thrown out of your job writing for that little gay paper you write for here in San Diego.

Contact me privately Jen.

Not your friend said...

Useful public information.

Autumn's columns can be found at her employer.

Located at;

(619) 358-9433

Stampp Corbin

You can call and talk to them.

I have more information that was sent to me by Sandeen herself it's not public and that information would have to be acquired through private channels.

NOBODY should have to put up with cyberstalking.

Just Jennifer said...

Unfortunately, Sandeen is not the primary culprit here. I know who is behind it, and well, I would say more, but "spoilers, darling, spoilers...."

Not your friend said...

I hope you can take effective action against the perpetrator of this harassment. No harm done to Sandeen since this information is public and perhaps if the Sandeenista gets out of line in the future a little pressure can be applied where it will do the most good. It wouldn't be the first time someone wrote into a media outlet to complain about the actions of one of their staff. The homosexuals do it all the time.

Meanwhile the Tee-Gees continue to do damage to their good name. They are self destructive and as as a group and the problem will fix itself

Not your friend said...

Should have said,

Meanwhile the Tee-Gees continue to do damage to their good name. They are self destructive and as as a group the problem will fix itself

Hexydezimal said...

I would respond to that with:

"I recognize Mr. Sandeen's gender just fine. It is clear that Mr. Sandeen wishes to present as feminine, and that's perfectly okay! His gender choices do not make Mr. Sandeen a female however, and it could be argued that nobody with any sense believes that Mr. Sandeen's sex is anything but male. Therefore, my pronoun usage is appropriate to my knowledge."

If they want to identify with gender, then identify them with gender. Gender isn't sex.

Not your friend said...

Oh and Autumn
If you have an issue with me,
email me don't clutter up someone's forum with your issues.

Being the public figure you are you are, I would expect better conduct from you. But I guess getting your underwear in a knot over the white house meeting and the subsequent embarrassment meant you had to strike out at someone.

You write for a homosexual newspaper and a homosexual blog.
You are a public figure if you can't take the heat too bad sir.

Dana Lane Taylor said...
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Dana Lane Taylor said...

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. I hope that p-mate star gets thrown in fucking jail. I'm blogging this if you don't mind.

Not your friend said...

I'm looking forward to reading it.
Maybe the Pea Mate star has paid for her actions.

Just Jennifer said...

Sure Dana, you can blog about it.

Dana Lane Taylor said...

Thanks, blogged. :)

Lori Grace said...
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Lori Grace said...

Despite having strong objections from those on both sides of the T-War, I find what you wrote that happened, if true, utterly disgusting. I gender people however they wish to be, but I'm getting pretty fed up with certain self-aggrandizing idiots who think they speak for me when they say they represent the t-community.

Utter BS. You should be free to be as out as you want to be for **** sake. If Autumn did indeed write a letter to her congregation, it's beyond outrage. This is truly pathetic!

Not your friend said...

It seems our fair haired Tee-Gee isn't writing columns for LGBT Weekly anymore.

It's not that the gays don't like Tee-Gees or lifestyle transvestites they just don't like dysfunctional people, even if they are dysfunctional also.

Dana Lane Taylor said...

She also hasn't published anything on PHB in almost a week. Is she done?

Not your friend said...

Good question Dana, I don't know.
The next issue of the gay newspaper comes out tomorrow.
The last article Sandeen posted is here.

You will recognize a number of these articles. Sandeen puts them in the paper then after a bit posts them to PHB.

Just Jennifer said...

Apparently, this was just another round of the bipolar disorder that Sandeen likes to often mention. I notice a new article has appeared on PHB.

Angel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Not your friend said...

By the way Jennifer;
There is no new article over on
With any luck there won't be anymore.
And you know that anybody who comments on any of Sandeen's columns will be treated as an attacker.

Yes I have.

Have you noticed that nearly all of us who correct our birth defect end up leading normal lives and mental illness largely not an issue with post corrected women.
The few I know in real life are largely happy.

The Tee-Gees and Lifestyle Transvestites seem to go through life with mental illness as their companion.