Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's All About the Egos

It is really hard to miss the fact that the worst extremes of the transgender movement are driven by massive egos.  But this has never been as apparent as the recent reaction to news that has leaked out about an alleged secret meeting between the Obama White House and transgender leaders.  "Autumn" Sandeen is absolutely having a hissy fit because such a meeting is being kept secret, and besides, he wasn't invited.

Now, this is not the first such meeting.  There was one early on that I learned about from a former co-worker.  The incoming Obama administration met with some of the more sane leaders in the transgender movement.

But the kooks are absolutely frantic because they are not invited.  "Monica" Helms is livid that his Transgender American Veterans Association is not included.  I imagine it never occurs to him that this just might be because they see him as a nut case.  And "Monica" Roberts is upset that him, and his massive "neo-clit" that he keeps tucked in his panties are not included as well.  Of course, he is ranting that the meeting will be "as white as a GOP convention."  I guess he has not noticed that Obama is black, and so are some Republicans. 

Of course, it would never occur to Mr. Sandeen that chaining himself to the White House fence, wearing a female naval uniform, in blatant violation of Federal Law (it prohibits both active a retired personnel from wearing a uniform for the purpose of political statement) just might cause him to be left off the list.  No, not a chance of that....

It would never occur to Mr. Helms that his rants might have the same effect.  After all, he is the self-appointed spokesman for all the former military who decide they want to dress up and claim to be women.

And Mr. Roberts?  Between his racism, and his attacks on post-ops....well, I can't see him being included either.

A sane person might take a step back and consider how their behavior might have effected their chances of being taken seriously as a leader.  Of course, no one would ever accuse any of these of being remotely sane.


It turns out that Mr. Sandeen over reacted.  This meeting is routine, part of a regular series, though this one does specifically focus on "transgender" issues.  An update to the article is buried, below the fold.  It appears that Mr. Sandeen does not want anyone who might have already read the original article to notice that he was mistaken.

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That's not egg on Sandeen's face.
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