Sunday, May 8, 2011


In a recent post, "Autumn" Sandeen makes the assertion that gender identity and gender expression are two different concepts.  He them proceeds to try to argue pretty much the opposite.

He is trying to counter the very strong argument made by Ashley Love that pushing protections based on gender expression are harmful to transsexuals.  Love is absolutely correct.  Mr. Sandeen tries to argue the opposite.  In spite of his rather lame attempts to argue otherwise, the term gender expression covers people like transvestites or crossdressers.  It covers a behavior, not something that is intrinsic.

Clearly, whether someone crossdresses on occasion, or is a full time transvestite, like Mr. Sandeen, actual gender identity is not really an issue.  Now, Mr. Sandeen may claim to be a transsexual, and may claim to have a female gender identity, but the facts are obvious.  He has no desire to live as simply a woman.  He goes out of his way to make sure that everyone knows his past.  He flaunts the fact that he spent 20 years in the Navy, serving in a position that, at the time, was only open to males.  Up until the point, after his discharge, that he decided to go full time, he was living quite happily and successfully as a man.

True transsexuals, also referred to as classic transsexuals, lead very miserable lives prior to transition.  Even though they may be in denial, they simply cannot function in a male role.  Their brain is not sexual differentiated to think as a male, and it is difficult, if not impossible, for them to maintain the illusion that they are men.

This is why protections for true or classic transsexuals are important.  They have a medical issue that should be accommodated.  Crossdressers and transvestites choose to engage in a certain behavior that does not warrant the same protection.  Traditionally we do not protect behavior from discrimination, and we should not start.

Mr. Sandeen is an extremist.  He favors protections that are quite simply, absurd.  He has shown no restraint on issues like bathroom access.  It is one thing to allow transsexuals, in transition, to use the women's room, it is something entirely different to say that putting on a dress entitles a man to invade women's space.  Mr. Sandeen simply refuses to see that women might feel threatened by such a situation.  In fact, in his comments, he adamantly asserts that women do not have a right to feel safe in the bathroom, making the absurd comparison to segregated rest rooms.  He again shows his extremist position that holds that a chosen behavior, i.e. crossdressing and pretending to be a woman, trumps the right of women to feel secure in a restroom.  For a transsexual, using the women's room is a necessity...for a crossdresser, even a full time crossdresser like Mr. Sandeen, it is more akin to a thrill, something to be done regardless of who it harms.

The great irony is that Mr. Sandeen and his ilk claim to be women, but they have no understanding or concern for those they claim to be in common with.  Their attitude is more misogynistic than not.  

No, gender expression should not receive protections.  It is not the same, or the equivalent of gender identity.  To follow the sort of logic that Mr. Sandeen engages in, one would argue that pedophilia would have to be protected since it is linked to a type of "sexual orientation."  Of course, such a view is obviously outrageous.  But it is consistent with Mr. Sandeen's approach which equates behavior with intrinsic condition.


Not your friend said...

Very typical of the Sandeenista to warp and pervert the meaning of words. In Sandeen's latest peace of journalistic filth Sandeen is at it again.

on another note it appears Sandeen is claiming to be in DC, I hope that filthy transvestite moved there and took the stench that has fowled the city with Sandeen. Hopefully Sandeen won't be back.

Not your friend said...

I guess my comment about a certain filthy transvestite got swallowed up in the blogger update.

This person will pervert anything to support their tee-Gee agenda.

Hay Sandeen or whatever your REAL name is don't come back to San Diego.
We don't need your kind here.
Stay in DC with the rest of the perverts.

Hexydezimal said...

As I said on 'Bitterness Barbie':

My, what an argument. You know, this really isn't that hard. Transsexuality is a matter of sex; transgender is a matter of gender. Sex is something you are (as in female, male, or intersex), gender is something you do (as in masculinity or femininity). The founder of transgenderism, Virginia Prince, understood these differences explicitly. So what seems to be the problem with many of you?

Not a one of us wants to deny you rights that I am aware of. We want you to leave us the fuck out of your own little world. It's simple. Your world? We don't want to be a part of it. No transsexual should be a part of it. It is alienating, your terminology is nothing that any serious transsexual should be saying or thinking (cis, passing, etc.), and our condition is not gender-based. We have nothing in common and no amount of parroting otherwise will ever change that. All you are doing is serving to make animosity between our types of person with your hostility toward our wishes for our condition to be left alone. Some of us are now working on our own community, because we've had enough.

Just Jennifer said...

Yes, there have been some strange things going on with Blogger. The other day, it was offline for pretty much the whole day. I was working on an upcoming post (it got delayed when Mr. Sandeen posted his silliness about Janice Raymond) and I lost a bit of what I had written.

I find it odd that Mr. Sandeen just mentioned being in DC in passing. I do recall that he was going to have to go face charges for his stunt at the White House. I find it interesting we have heard the glories of his martyrdom.... I wonder if that is what Mr. Helms made reference to.

Not your friend said...

I think if Sandeen wants to play activist Sandeen should pay the piper and pay dues like any other activist. A month or two in jail would do Sandeen some good. Sandeen hasn't even received a good clubbing or some pepper spray, what kind of activist is that? ;p