Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sandeen Proves Himself a Bigot

One has to hand it to "Autumn" Sandeen, the man just doesn't have good judgement.  His latest post really shows him for what he is...a "classist, sexist, racist, lookist, and otherwise judgmental and xenophobic" bigot.  He has posted a video called The People of Walmart in a bizarre attempt to attack what he terms the "Homophobia Industrial Complex."  

The bizarre thing is, some of the people in the video appear to be rather outrageous transgender types.  Sandeen is trying to attack people who oppose the idea of some man in a dress teaching kindergarten.  I assume he is thinking about the controversy in Oakland where a group of extremist transgender activists were allowed to attempt to indoctrinate a first grade class on the deconstruction of gender.

I know it probably seems that I pick on Mr. Sandeen a lot, but he invites it.  He posts garbage like this, and then seems amazed that even some of his supporters are outraged. 


Since I first posted this, the comments on Mr. Sandeen's blog have been almost universally negative.  And, in a somewhat surprising move, Suzan Cooke, who had previously, and rather surprisingly, embraced him as a friend has now turned on Mr. Sandeen due to the attack on people who shop at Walmart, and his column yesterday where he presumed to advise Janet Mock.


Well, it is the Monday after Sandeen's bigotry was posted on Saturday.  He is finally back from wherever he was hiding, and he has issued what will have to pass for his apology.  He claims he had no idea that the video might be offensive and that the saw it as celebrating "diversity."  Now, given that this is pretty much lifted from one of the few comments that did not condemn him for posting that piece of garbage, it is pretty obvious that he was waiting for someone to offer him something he could use to bail himself out.  I don't, for one nanosecond, believe that Sandeen did not see that video for what it was, an attack on people that was, as Pam Spaulding put it, "classism, sexism, racism, and fatphobia, to name a few."  Of course, it appears that Spaulding is not going to take Mr. Sandeen to the woodshed.  No surprise....


Not your friend said...

Must be time for Sandeen's meds to be adjusted.

Not your friend said...

I read Cooke's post a while ago and between that one and several others it appears Ms. Cooke is coming full circle. Suzan has seen the Tee-Gees for what they are a bunch of men in dresses who couldn't make it as real men.