Monday, November 18, 2013

Why Are Some Early Transitioners So Insecure?

I noticed that Elizabeth is still puffing up her claim of an early transition. In all honesty, I am happy for anyone who was lucky enough to have escaped the literal Hell that I went through, but I have to ask...Why do some have to be such insufferable jerks about it?  As I have said, the classic example is Suzan Cooke, but I am seeing that same sort of silliness from Elizabeth, and it is really sad.

First off, I have taken a, shall we say, agnostic stance on the Colorado case. I have not said that the person involved is, or is not, transsexual. Now, I don't know if Elizabeth has problems with reading comprehension, or if she just wants to pick a fight, but I have not denied that this person is a transsexual. I have said, repeatedly, that I honestly don't know. And unless Elizabeth has information from a reliable  source, I.e. one that is not Mr."Cristan" Williams, I would assert that she does not know either, though clearly she thinks she does.  

Am I blinded?  No, I am just engaging in critical thinking. In fact, just the opposite. I am not blindly accepting something I do not know is fact, simply because I want it to be true.  I don't hate Mr. Williams.  I don't care for his extremism, and I think he does a lot of harm.  I think he believes he can pretty much claim whatever he wishes, and fool people into buying into it.  So, excuse me if I choose not to accept what he claims as the truth without question.

To be honest, I get very much disgusted by people who choose to sit on others when they do not know all the facts. Elizabeth knows a little of what I went through, but only a very little. And that is how it will remain because I am not going to share stuff that is, quite simply any of her business. 

Elizabeth claims to have faced the same issues I did. Sorry, but that is pure and complete POPPYCOCK. She has no way of knowing what issues I faced. Nor do I have any way of knowing what issues she faced.  She throws out a few straw men, like therapists or money (yes, I have talked about a "bad therapist" thought that is a very simplistic version of a story that I am not about to share the details of.  There was a lot of pain involved, and there I other people's privacy that I will not violate. Elizabeth seems to think she has some right to know more than is her business.  Or perhaps she simply doesn't care that some would desire to us that to harass me. 

There are things I shared with my therapist who did not share Elizabeth's skepticism. She will just have to accept that I think they as having a lot more validity than her opinions.  The simple fact, and it may be more than she can deal with, but I really don't need her approval or validation. 

The really sad thing is, Elizabeth is simply doing a bad imitation of the same crap that Bailey and Blanchard spew. No, I did not transition as early as I would have liked.  Yes, I made choices that caused me problems. I suffered a lot of pain, but hey, I have daughter and three lovely grandchildren. I have wondered...what if my life had taken a different path?  I can't say that I would change things if I could. I certainly wouldn't just to please someone like Elizabeth. 

What Elizabeth should realize is that it's not  just when you transitioned, it is what your life was life before you transitioned.  People like Lask, and Mr. Sandeen, and quite a few others had rather nice careers as men.  They often showed no sign of any real dysphoria before they finally decided to transition instead.  Yeah, I got delayed along the path, and I suffered quite a bit because of it.  But, I also learned a lot, and I have some people in my life I would not trade for anything.  I may not have "transitioned" at an age that Elizabeth deems acceptable, but I also did not have a successful life as a male.  But, some people can't see beyond their own insecurities.

Yes, it's funny how things work out.  I am quite secure in my womanhood, and I have a lovely daughter, and three lovely grandchildren, one of whom turned six yesterday.  Elizabeth transitioned early, and seems to have so much insecurity, she feels the need to surround herself with sycophants who try to gain her imprimatur as being good transsexuals.  Oh well, life if funny that way.

Oh, and I love how Lask tries to play dumb in his attempt to cover his tracks. He knows I have not claimed he is from Canada, but if he thinks that fools anyone, well he is pretty foolish...


Elizabeth said...


I have never said I understand the issues you faced. Not once have I said that and I defy you to show me anywhere you claim I have.

I have no issue about when you transitioned and I could have continued on with 35, 35,50 etc. because everyone is different. As for your facts my statement is and always has been a kid deserves the benefit of the doubt and thus Jane doe deserves the benefit of doubt but you feel otherwise and that is your right as it is mine to disagree.

I am offended by your claims that somehow I am insecure because I transitioned early and to be blunt that is a sign of not being insecure but then you know that.

I actually do not care when you transitioned because you have had SRS so you are my sister but believe me you will not go unanswered if you continue and if you want to see nasty I will give you nasty.

End it now or take your chances. I would prefer it ended now but that is up to you.

Just Jennifer said...

Again, I will post what I want in my blog. I don't take kindly to threats. I stand by what I said. Maybe you don't realize how you come across. I tried, repeatedly, to be nice back when this first started. You were the one who started with the insults. You have said stuff that was uncalled for. Go back and read what you have posted and imagine how you would feel if you were on the receiving end.

Yeah, I have no doubt you can be a lot nastier. I really don't care. You want nice, the I suggest you consider what you have said and think about how it sounds. You claim you didn't start this, but I disagree. Go back and look at what you said to me.