Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More Lies From Mr. Williams....

Well, as is his style, Mr. "Cristan" Williams is strutting about and crowing about how he has "forced" several news organizations to pull the story about the transgender student who harassed girls at his Colorado high school.  Part of this stems from the vagueness of the term "harass."  I would not be at all surprised if the claim was made on the basis of the unquestionable fact that a male student, now claiming to be transgender, and therefore "female" insisted on his right to enter the girls restroom.  Is this harassment?  Well, if you are a female, and you have someone you know to be a male, who is not even trying to make a secret of that, quite publicly insisting on sharing the restroom with you, and this makes you uncomfortable...then yes, I would call that harassment.

This is the problem with the whole transgender extremist approach.  These people are not trying to actually be women.  Men like Mr. "Cristan" Williams, and Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, and Mr. "Dana" Taylor are not remotely attempting to be women.  The very idea is foreign, and even repulsive to them.  They are trying to be "transgender."  They cannot imagine not being, as they would say, "out, loud, and proud."  The idea that someone might simply mistake them for an actual female would be terribly upsetting.

No, what they are all about is forcing people to suspend reality, suppress their clear knowledge, and basically accept a lie...namely that they are "women," and even "female" even though they have penises, and would rather die than give then up.

So yes, Fox News is right...this male student is harassing the girls at his high school.  He is not some poor innocent just trying to deal with a medical condition...he is actively forcing his chosen behavior on girls who, I have no doubt, are not at all happy.  And yes, that is pretty much  textbook case of harassment.

And I am not even going to bother ripping apart his rather obvious abuse of statistics to bolster absurd claims, like how "half of the transgender population" are victims of rape.  That is totally bogus.  Well, okay...that one is too good to pass up.  It is based on some surveys conducted in places like here in San Francisco.  I am familiar with these kinds of studies, and the population is not "all transgender people" or even a representative portion of "all transgender people."  The participants are largely transgender sex workers, who have a very high rate of things like sexual do sex workers in general.  So, while a study might show that half of the participants were sexually assaulted, that does not remotely translate into the outrageous claims made by Mr. Williams.

But hey, Mr. Williams wouldn't know the truth if it slapped him in the face (which, quite frankly, it does regularly).

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Nicky said...

That is the problem with Men such as Mr. David "Dana Lane" Taylor, Mr. "Cristan" Williams, and Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen. They are Men who are trying to force society and Bio women to see them as women, but in reality they are MEN with testicles, balls , penis a dress and a sick fantasy.