Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Bit of Clarification

Early on in the now endless stream of silliness over a single student in Colorado, I made an assumption I should not have made, and asserted that the person in question was not making an effort to assimilate as female.  I now realize that I simply do not have enough information to say that.  Simply put, I don't know what the situation is.

What I do know is that most of the information in this case has either come through Pacific Justice Institute, or Mr. "Cristan" Williams.  They represent two opposite extremes, and I consider both to be about equally reliable.  Which is to say, I would not take what either of them says as absolute truth without some serious verification from a more reliable source, and in this case, there have been none.

Some people, who I respect, or at least did respect, have viciously attacked me for not following them in lockstep.  I'm sorry, but first off, I refuse to suspend thinking just because someone tells me to.  If that leads to the person attacking me, insulting me, trying to shame me, and thus trying to bully me into accepting their view that tends to make me wonder why they can't accept that someone might not see things their way.

I am saying, for the record, I don't know what the situation is.  If someone wants to blindly follow a proven liar in this matter, that is their choice.  I made that sort of mistake early on, when I was not aware of the source, and I regret it.  But I won't be bullied by people, even people I considered to be friends, into rushing to the opposite extreme either.

If I make a mistake, I own up to up.  If someone points that out to me, and offers legitimate arguments, I reconsider.  If someone tries to shove bad information down my throat, and then insults me because I don't swallow it, well...that doesn't work so well.  It says a lot more about them, than it does about me.  

And just so people know where I am coming from...I identify as a woman, not a "trans woman" or a "transsexual woman" or any other such term.  I try to consider the feelings of others who are also women a lot more than I consider the feelings of just those who might share a similar history to mine.  Yes, our situation is different.  I recognize that.  But, it is not the only thing that defines me.  And quite frankly, I get really sick of "identity politics" no matter who is trying to push it.

Oh, and I notice Suzan Cooke has again attacked me for speaking up.  I really do pity her.  She clearly has some serious insecurities.  I don't demand that people agree with me, and contrary to repeated claims, I don't use male pronouns just because someone disagrees with me.  I use male pronouns when I honestly feel that they are justified.  People like Mr. Williams, and Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen are so clearly men, it almost hurts.  Cooke, as bad as she much as she has become, to go with the analogy she was so smitten with, Locutus of Borg, is a woman.  A deeply disturbed, nut case but still a woman.  So no, I don't call people men because I disagree.  I call them men because they show no sign of remotely being women.

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Elizabeth said...

Yes like calling the child he and making other silly comments. Believe me Jennifer if I attacked you it would be more than apparent