Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Gender Fascist Crap

Well, "Cristan" Williams is at it again.  Recently, he has posted "I HATE Separatists?" and another bit of drivel called "More on Historical Trans Terms."  

The first is a rather rambling that includes a bizarre straw argument claiming that what is termed "The War on Christmas" is based on people using X-mas to refer to Christmas, and then attempting to refute this with the argument that the use began with Christians, and that the 'X' is actually the Greek letter chi which is the first letter of Christ in Greek.  Well, that is the origin of X-mas, but there are several problems with Williams' claim.  First off, the "War on Christmas" is not about how one spells Christmas, it is about some entities, especially large chain stores, requiring employees to refrain from wishing people "Merry Christmas."  People have been instructed to only use something like "Happy Holidays."  Second, many atheists have ignorantly used "X-mas" actually thinking they were disrespecting Christians, and many continue to use it hoping to create an argument.  

All of this was sparked because a group called "Post-trans normality New Zealand and Australia" had the audacity to post on Facebook, and get the attention of the New Zealand Daily News. Alas, for a gender fascist like Williams, the very thought that a group of "separatists" might get the attention of the news media would be infuriating. After all, people might begin to realize that there are views different from his that need to be considered.  In particular, that unlike Williams, and his ilk, transsexuals simply want to move and live as normal people, not some sort of gender rebels.

Williams, responds by taking a statement from the Facebook page out of context, and twisting it to make this group sound like it is doing exactly what Williams' devotes a lot of time to doing himself.  In fact, in this same article, he is claiming that he "just wanted to PWN their newsworthy group."  That is kind of hilarious, since what he claims this group is guilty of is trying to shut down discussions, but that is exactly what Williams' is claiming to have done.

Oh, and what is amusing is the completely clueless manner in which Williams claims to have accomplished this pwnage.  He compares the 12 members of this group with the 4,535 members of the Facebook Transgender Alliance.  The funny thing is, he simply backs up the basic separatist argument, that true transsexuals are rare, and quite distinct from the large numbers of transgender people.  That true transsexuals have different needs that are lost in the mass of crossdressers, gender queers, and drag queens that make up the transgender mob.

I realize that it is lost on a man like Williams, but numbers are not the point.  There will always be far more transgender people than transsexuals.  Transsexualism has always been a very rare condition, though a lot of transgender frauds have tried to claim to be transsexuals, even as they reject surgery, or even living a normal life as a woman.  They even go to the point of attacking someone for daring to try to have a "normal" life.

SImply put, Williams drivel about how he doesn't hate separatists comes across a lot like the "hate the sin, love the sinner" claim made by Fundamentalists.  I wonder how Williams' feels about that one?  WIlliams does not agree with the idea that transsexuals have a right to decline to identify as transgender, and he spends a lot of time trying to impose the term on people.   He shows no respect for any view not  consistent with his own.

In his other column, Williams again presents an article where Christine Jorgensen supposedly expresses a preference for the term "transgender" over "transsexual."  Now, this article, which seems to be very obscure, and an isolated statement (as best I can tell, Jorgensen did not widely express this view) is supposed to date from 1982.  Even if it is legitimate, all it indicates is that Jorgensen was playing around with words, and that she favored a word that removed "sex" and replaced it with "gender."  It does not, in any sense, suggest that Jorgensen remotely endorsed any of the silliness pushed by gender fascists like Williams.

But this is what we have come to expect from Williams....questionable sources that only he seems to have access, straw arguments, and arrogant claims of pwnange.  Oh, and a good laugh as he does


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Kathryn said...

Well.... you got that right. It's nice to know that I am not the only voice in the wilderness. There's a good number of folk here in NZ that need to read your post...