Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Excellent Post....

Quite frankly, it is rare that I find much agreement with anything Suzan Cooke posts.  Of late, she has become more and more of a self-caricature, the angry radical, ranting against imagined threats.  Simply put, I find her extremely intolerant, very narrow-minded, massively egotistical, and laughably extremist.  Cooke is, in many ways, a left-wing counterpart to someone like Michele Bachman. The vast majority of her "blog" is simply reposts of articles from various radical left-wing sources, with occasional comments from Cooke tacked on at the beginning.  There is very little original content these days.  And even the original stuff is an odd mix of articles that seem to either completely trash the "transgender Borg," or which seem strongly in support of the transgender movement.

Well in the midst of all this Cooke has posted a surprising good post that, without question, completely refutes the transgender paradigm.  In a single post, Cooke has managed to devastate the claims of kooks like "Cristan" Williams, "Autumn" Sandeen, and "Monica" Helms.  Simply put, this post should, but most likely won't, put an end to the attempts of the transgender extremists to co-opt transsexuals.  It is time for them to acknowledge that transgender is separate from transsexual. In another words, the transgender have lost.  It is over.

I won't quote the entire post.  Click above, and you should be able to read it.  But here are few of the best points:
It is an exercise of male privilege and expectations, of possessing male authority, when those who have penises presume the right to dictate to women how they should think and behave. That includes dictating thought and behavior to post-transsexual women who had sex reassignment surgery and now have female parts.
This is an excellent statement of the thesis of the post.  It does an excellent job of summing up the whole issue.
It is an exercise in male privilege to tell me that I have been drafted into a cult I never joined, that didn’t exist until recently. To tell me that because you baptized me into this cult against my will I can never leave the cult.
It is sociopathic male behavior to threaten, bully, verbally abuse and harass post-transsexual women, who refuse to be part of the Transgender Borg Cult. 
It is sociopathic male privilege to think it is alright to abuse us for wanting to be ordinary women after we have had our surgery and in some case have been post-op for far more than half our lives.
These three are devastating to the views of the gender fascists.  Especially the third.  They really hate the idea that we might choose to be, and succeed at being, ordinary women.

It is male privilege to presume you have the right to invalidate the lives of women in order to validate your claims to being women even though you have a penis between your legs instead of a vagina.
And it should be noted, the transgender don't really want to be "women," they want to be called women, treated as women, and accepted as women, while maintaining maleness, and they want everyone to be forced into this bizarre bit of fiction.  They want it, quite simply, both ways. They want, as one kook once put it, to be "woman-males."
It is male privilege to tell female people that you get to define woman and that having a penis should not keep one from being considered female.
The definition of women is pretty much settled, and has been for pretty much the length of time that humans have been around, but now the transgender extremists want to change things.  They want, as has been pointed out before, to make it sort of a matter of name it, and claim it.  Say you are a woman, and poof, you become a woman.  This, of course, is insanity, but sadly they have actually had some success in forcing this view on society.  And Heaven help the person who dares disagree.

Cooke's post should be sent to those who support transgender extremism with the suggestion that they reconsider their views.  It will be hard for them to argue against.

[Follow-up]  Normally, I would write this as a separate post, and I might do so later, but the next post will be, according to Blogger, my 200th post, and I am planning something special.

In any case, Mr. Cristan Williams, in another example of transgender cluelessness has a post entitled "Crowing Over Progress."  What an apropos choice of word.  After all, a rooster crows, and of course, Mr. Williams is so very, very male.  Even if he has had SRS, it did not make him a woman, just as you cannot make a silk purse out of sow's ear (or in Mr. Cristan's case, a boar's ear).  So yes, I suppose he is crowing for sure.  Oh, and of course in the article he points out something that sort of undermines all of his crowing.  He points out that it has come to light that Obama's "nanny" in Indonesia was transgender.  That is, Obama was raised for a while by a man who was pretending to be a woman (and who de-transitioned out of fear) which goes a long way towards explaining why the Obama administration has been so oddly pro-transgender.  So, in spite of what Mr. Williams want to claim, it is not all that obnoxious transgender lobbying that did the trick, but a rather bizarre coincidence instead.

So, somewhat cluelessly, "Cristan" Williams has actually confirmed what I said previously.  It is a matter of male privilege, and he likes to "crow" about it, no doubt also strutting like the rooster he is so like.


Just Comments said...

I feel like I just had an entire "eureka!" moment. Since I first heard about transsexualism and had it explaiend to me, I thought "oh, that makes sense then."

And that was that.

But transgender on the other hand, just irritated the HELL out of me. And it STILL does.

"And it should be noted, the transgender don't really want to be "women," they want to be called women, treated as women, and accepted as women, while maintaining maleness, and they want everyone to be forced into this bizarre bit of fiction. They want it, quite simply, both ways. They want, as one kook once put it, to be "woman-males."

And then everything made sense. I frequent tumblr and (unfortunately) a crapton of the transgender people there are kids. I'd thought about this sometime, and I realized


they're kids. They want everything, they will bitch and whine for it, follow passing fads with an enormous frenzy, and they want to experience being the other gender without becoming the other SEX. And I get so frustrated because it's so immature.

I feel like a weigh is lifted off my shoulders now that I know why I'm so aggravated by it.

Unknown said...

I have commented before its a medical issue that needs to be researched. I was totally bitched out for it and dont understand why people think its normal. Just like this person said its a syndrome " a medical issue" our society needs drs to research and help with this medical condition that many suffer with. Come on drs we have help for depression anxiety bi polar scezophrenia they need the help please work on it and offer help