Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My, How Butch!

The Huffington Post is all a twitter over a story out of New York about a "transwoman" beating up a man who call him a woman.  In another words, the dude goes ballistic and acts like a man because, well, some guy called him a man while he was decked out in his feminine finery.  Okay....

This is a perfect example of the bizarre transgender mindset that imagines that they are perfect examples of the finest examples of female behavior, while in reality they act just as they did as men.  It reminds me of the story I read once about some contractor in Texas who announced to his employees that he would be "transitioning" to become a woman.  The next day, he came in dressed as a woman, sat down at his desk, plopped his size 14 pumps up on the desk as he always did, and pulled out his usual cigar.

Of course, this criminal act has found considerable favor in the transgender community.  None other than "Monica" Roberts, of TransGriot is thrilled over this act of male bravado.  Yes, he of the massive "neoclit," his term for his penis, had this to say:
It's not a good idea to get someone pissed off at you who not only has a little more strength than the average cis female, but is an estrogen based lifeform to boot.
Roberts forgets to mention that this person also has the mind of a man.  The reference to estrogen shows Roberts' cluelessness.  In a true transsexual, estrogen has a calming effect.  In a man, it causes other effects, which may lead to problems like depression.

You see a male brain is wired for testosterone.  A female brain is wired for estrogen.  In a true transsexual, the brain reacts well to the estrogen.  In a male brain, the estrogen mostly causes depression.  It does not have as much of calming effect, though it is probably not going to cause aggression.  I am not sure what Roberts is trying to claim, but in any case, he is, as usual, blowing smoke.

And, it should be kept in mind that many transgender people adjust their hormone intake to avoid losing the ability to have an erection.  "Functional" transgender prostitutes are in high demand among men with a desire to be penetrated by a "woman."  Yes, it is all rather bizarre, and does not completely make sense.  But there are men who seek out men who crossdress who are willing to engage in active anal sex.  And a man willing to perform such a sex act would probably also be inclined to react violently to an insult.

Sadly, the LGBT community seems to be embracing this criminal act.  This will probably result in more such incidents.  We already had "Autumn" Sandeen bragging about throwing coffee at at someone who called him a man.  Well, it was supposed to be an apology because Sandeen was not acting like Martin Luther King, Jr.  but it was really more about bragging.  And now this.  One has to wonder, again, do these people think they are above the law?


Not your friend said...

This reminds me of a Jerry Springer episode.

Just Jennifer said...

Yes, that makes sense. If Jerry is still around, maybe he can book them.

Not your friend said...

Rumor has it he is still around and is looking for Helms Roberts and Sandeen to cook up a transsexual love triangle show.

Not your friend said...

Oh and speaking of Sandeen it seems Sandeen wants me to send him an email he sent me that contains his address and phone number. Make no mistake I have the email and I have no intention of ever revealing it's contents. Unlike Sandeen I don't go around outing people, giving out their addresses and blogs to places like churches.

How else am I suppose to keep my stealth status if I don't have something to protect it with. We know Autumn and the others who are lifestyle transvestites out people as a way of retaliation. That is cyberattacking or as some call it cybermugging. It's using the internet to destroy someone's life.

You would think that the lifestyle transvestites would have more respect for for people's private lives.

By the way Autumn anything you send me is not held in confidence and I plan on forwarding this email to several of my friends.