Monday, December 26, 2011

More Gender Facist Crap

"Christan" Williams is at it again.  This time he seems to have cobbled together a post he claims is from a "separatist."  In the past, Williams has claimed to have discovered heretofore unknown articles "proving" that the term "transgender" was was used long before anyone knew, and was even favored by Christine Jorgensen.  I have already noted that the sources cited are all extremely obscure, and difficult, if not impossible to locate.  Now, without providing a citation, Williams provides a supposed essay by a separatist (i.e. someone like myself, who does not identify as transgender, in defiance of Williams' demands).  Odd, but I searched Google for the first line from this supposed posting, but the only thing that showed up was Williams' article.  Curious....

Granted, Williams does not claim that what he refers to as a "sad little rant" is from a blog site, or a web posting.  But the fact that no citation is given seems, at best, curious.

Williams posts the usual "gender fascist" silliness about "elitism," "shame," and "transphobia." One of the more interesting bits of illogic is when Williams tries to link the case of Peter Oiler, a transvestite who was fired by Winn Dixie, and who repeatedly lost in court, to transsexuals.  Rather odd logic for someone who claims to be a post-op.  Of course, as we have seen with cases like "Autumn" Sandeen, some transgender definitions of "post-op" are simply lies.  I don't know if Williams actually had SRS, but I increasingly doubt it.  

Then Williams tries to inject racism into the discussion (well, he is a big fan of "Monica" Roberts) who hates post-op transsexuals and white people with equal passion) when he refers to "separatists" as "our down-low community."
Williams shows where he is really coming from when he states this:
When it comes down to it, here’s the basic, broad-brush world view differences between Separatists and Inclusionists…
The Inclusionist World View:
  1. We ALL face oppression because our history or our expression violates cultural gender stereotypes.
  2. Our oppressors LOVE our differences and NEVER want our differences to be seen as normal differences (on par with differences which violate cultural norms, eg Look Who’s Coming For Dinner)
  3. Our oppressors use our differences to “otherize” us so that oppression becomes a social meme.
  4. Our oppressors oppress us because they like the power, not because they don’t like our differences.
The Separatist World View:
  1. Transsexuals face oppression because people confuse us with crossdressers and drag queens.
  2. Our oppressors HATE what they view as being strange and/or deviant behavior.
  3. Transsexualism isn’t about strange and/or deviant behavior; it’s a medical condition and has nothing to do with breaking gender stereotypes in our culture.
  4. Our oppressors will stop oppressing us if we can get them to see that we aren’t like crossdressers and that we are instead like intersex people.
Since Williams takes it upon himself to define people's views, why not return the favor.  Here is his real view:

  1. I get a kick out of facing oppression. I really don't want to be anything other than "weird." I hate the idea of remotely being a part of "normal" society, but I want to force everyone to pretend I am normal. Knowing I am really upsetting people is a large part of the fun in this little game I play.
  2. I love engaging in strange and/or deviant behavior, and I really, really love forcing it down people's throats, knowing they really hate it.
  3. How dare transsexuals refuse to accept the labels I put on myself, and on them. They will be strange and deviant because, well because I say they are. They have no right to disagree with me.
  4. I'm going to shove my behavior down everyone's throat. This is all about power, and I want it all. Anyone who disagrees with me will be insulted, belittled, and attacked until they submit.
Yes, kind of redundant, but that is how Williams seems to be.  He is a one note opera, and it is all about how he is right, and everyone is wrong. 

The real irony in all of this is Williams' claim that he is not demanding that people identify as he  wishes.  He even goes so far as to say:
If the down-low guy doesn’t want to identify as being gay, then fine. If the stealth lesbian doesn’t want to identify as being a lesbian, then fine. If the TS Separatist doesn’t want to identify as being trans, then fine. HOWEVER, do not demand that the entire trans community rework its culture to suit your whims and unsubstantiated statements of fact.
Those are strange words coming from someone who spends an entire post attacking people who don't identify as transgender.  His bottom line, "I have a right to my views, and I demand that you respect my identity, but I am not going to respect yours.  You can call yourself whatever you want, but I will call you whatever I want, but I will absolutely go ballistic if you call me anything other than what I demand."

Oh well, I would call Williams a bad joke.  As to what he calls me, well, who cares?  I just consider the source.  And I have a good laugh.

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