Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Well, duh!

I am always amused by some of the silliness of the transgender extremists, but sometimes the best stuff comes when they miss a simple point.  For example, in a rant about a professor who objects to male crossdressers in the women's room, "Autumn" Sandeen makes the following comment:
This is Prof. Stark stating that trans women aren't really women, and that she approves of discriminating against trans women because she is afraid of people she calls "men who dress as women." This too is Prof. Stark publicly stating that trans women are all potential restroom predators, and that she wants to limit the civil rights of trans people because of her unfounded fears.
I have news for Mr. Sandeen, "trans women" are NOT really women.  Women are women, if you feel the need to qualify it with a word like "trans" then no, you are not talking about women.  Mr. Sandeen is one of those who thinks that sex is meaningless, and that gender is determined by a whim.  Put on a dress, and you become a "woman," albeit a "trans woman," but in Sandeen's fantasy world, entitled to all the privileges of full womanhood, including the right to demand that women put up with your presence in the women's room and even to be able to expect people to overlook the fact that you have a penis if you are in a space where nudity is the norm.

Now, like any survivor of HBS, I went through the period of being pre-op, and yes, I had to use the women's room while still physically a male.  But, unlike the Sandeens of the world, I did not just force my way in, demanding acceptance.  At first, I would try to find a place that was the least likely to be in use by anyone else.  Then, as I became increasingly aware that I was fully accepted as a female, I started using more public facilities.  But, for a time, I was keenly aware of the feelings of other women.  The last thing I wanted was to cause a scene, both for my sake, and more importantly the sake of other women.

Sandeen shows no such sensitivity.  He only cares about his rights and those of other transgender people.  The feelings of women are of no concern to him.  They are expected to smile, and welcome men into their world.

It is completely lost on Sandeen, and his fellow men, that they are not, and will never be, women.  He is joined in his delusions by "Monica" Helms and the kook who calls himself "Dyssonance."  All three are a major cause of the problems that currently affect transsexual and HBS women.  Of course, when this is pointed out to them, they resort to denials, distortions, and insults.  Heaven help anyone who dares challenge them.  They are, after all, not only women with penises, but women with penises who are in no hurry to be rid of said organ.  I know that Sandeen and Helms have claimed to be surgery tracked, but they seem to be more excuse tracked.  They will have surgery when it is handed to them on a platter...maybe...

But in the meantime, they will be coming to a women's room near you.

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Aria said...

Here is the relevant part:

"WUPW covered her concerns about a male cross-dresser who entered a public restroom in Kalamazoo"

Sandeen equates male crossdresser with Sandeen's own situation. Like tends towards like. Hardly a problem for transsexual men and women, but Sandeen never stops trying to drag us into it. Notice though that the Kalamazoo ordinance apparently allows full-blown crossdressers in the women's locker room. That's effing outrageous!