Monday, April 7, 2014

It Is Really Getting Out of Hand

You know, up to a point, one can almost laugh at the silliness of the transgender kooks.  They flounce around, claiming to be women, when they clearly are not.  But it ceases to be funny when they start encroaching on the security of others.  It is bad enough that they believe they have an absolute entitlement to invade women's spaces, even those involving nudity, while waving their penises….excuse me, their big old "neoclits" in the women's faces. It gets worse when they think they have the right to expose themselves in front of young girls, as was he case with  "Colleen" Francis.  But more and more, they openly threaten actual violence against anyone who dares even disagree with their insane demands.
For example…there was this tweet…
I can do dialog in real life as long as I have something heavy to kill the with
This sort of things is simply unacceptable. Now, to Cecilia Chung's credit, she did take the person to task…
violence is not helpful
But this person, calling himself "Jessica" is clearly dangerous. He doesn't back down from his violence, but instead tries to excuse it…
these people want my friends not to exist and they don't think I exist.
I am not sure what he means by "they don't think I exist…." Clearly, he does exist…and I guess what he really means is, "They don't think I'm really a woman." And hey, I think they are right…he isn't. He is a violent, and dangerous man, who is threatening women because he is not getting his way.

It actually gets worse…(tweets quoted in the order they were apparently posted, not actually displayed on Twitter)
if they are not dealt with we run the risk of more violence or deaths.

This is not the time to debate with those so predisposed, it is long past time that they were

dealt with, be that via the law, as I am pushing for or by duct tape
Now, obviously what you have here is the classic, "over the top rhetoric of blaming someone for violence, simply because the don't "approve" of you. I am not aware of a single case of any of these women that Mr. Ottowell has such vitriol for ever committing a single act of violence. In fact, they have pointed out that the violence is committed by men.

In another bit display of male arrogance, Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen has apparently offered money (could it really be $10,000?) to anyone who will supply him with the identity of the person who posts as Gallus Mag. Seriously….
She's confusing someone putting a call out to discover Gallus Mag's identity with a "bounty" as in violence.

Well, true enuf. I live under my name, take the heat & past death threats under my name. Gallus doesn't; she should.
Now, Mr. Sandeen can't quite seem to grasp why this might be upsetting. Apparently, after a bit of research, it turns out that not only is Mr. Sandeen involved, but, not surprisingly, so is über kook Mr. "Dana Lane" Taylor. While they might only be hoping to embarrass and humiliate said person (uh, yeah…sure) even that is over the top. I have been on the receiving end of Mr. Sandeen's harassment, and I know he is supposed to be the person who blackmailed one blogger into leaving the Internet. This sort of thing is just sick.

I clearly do not agree with the goals of the "transgender" extremists, and I am not shy about stating that. I have been harassed more than once by them.


Nicky said...

It sure get's stranger at every turn with these violent Male Trans. They seem to show their true MALE nature and their true MALE Violence, when they try to pretend to be a woman.

Innis Anity said...