Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's Official...

Well, I have known for some time that Suzan Cooke had pretty much taken to hitting the TG Kool-Aid pretty hard, but even I am shocked that Cooke has NO problem with the pervert "Colleen" Francis forcing his penis on young women in Washington State.  

A commenter challenged Cooke on this in response to Cooke's latest diatribe against me, and well, here is Cooke's incredible response:
Maybe I’m not that concerned with persecuting transvestites in order to prove to myself that I am really a woman.
It has been my observation that the people most obsessed with this sort of thing were either once transvestites themselves or are such strange looking people as to be the sort who would be accused of being transvestites. 
I’m not a cop. I don’t make a career out of persecuting people for being different. 
Unlike you I’m not afraid of transgender people. Oh by the way I hate HBS assholes.
A few comments in response to this bit of complete silliness from Cooke...

It is not about persecuting transvestites (at least Cooke doesn't call this pervert a "woman"), it is about going after a man who is taking obvious delight into forcing his nudity on young women.  And it is not about proving oneself a woman...what a stupid thing to say.

So, all the women such as the mothers of the girls who were this pervert's victims, are really former transvestites or so strange looking that people would take them as transvestites?  Again, Cooke is showing incredible stupidity with such remarks.

This is not about people being different, it is about someone being a creep, and trying to force himself on teenage girls.  I guess, based on that, Cooke thinks rape is okay too.  After all, the poor rapist is "just different..."  Good grief, Cooke has really lost it...

And no, it has nothing to do with being afraid of transgender people.  Perverted men with no sense of restraint or boundaries?  Yes, they kind of scare me.  But transgender people?  Nope, not particularly afraid of them as a class.  

And finally, we come down to the simple fact.  Cooke is a classic bigot.  Just like those who hate gays, lesbians, and others....  Cooke has her own little group she hates.

Personally, I don't hate people.  For one thing, it contradicts my faith.  I do hold people responsible for bad behavior, particularly when it harms others.  But that is not hate, no matter how much kooks like Cooke want to claim it is.  I also tend to not put much credence in a bigot telling me about hate...somehow, it seems really, really contradictory....and more than a little foolish.

No wonder Cooke is so afraid of the truth.  It would not be very kind to her....


Toni said...

"... being a creep, and trying to force himself on teenage girls."

1) She, non-op trans female.

2) Regardless of that, how is sitting in a sauna "being a creep" and "forcing himself on young girls?"

I'd say I'm honestly interested to hear your response, but not really. This comment will probably be deleted and I'll probably never see this blog again. Cheers

Just Jennifer said...

Sorry to disappoint you, but the only time comments get banned is when they include personal and private information that someone, including myself, has not chosen to publicly reveal. Now, to answer your points:

1. Nope, he is a man, with a penis, that he plans to keep That, by definition, and common sense, means that he is NOT a female. Female is a binary term, and no amount of fudging with modifiers like trans will change the meaning. Penis = male. Simple biology. Want to keep your penis - male brain. Male brain and penis = "It's a MAN, baby!"

2. Sitting in a sauna is not that. Sitting in a sauna, in a women's locker room, and spreading your legs apart when teenage girls are present, with the intention of making sure they see your penis IS being a creep, and it is forcing yourself on young girls.

I'd say you are a fool, and a closed minded one at that, and hey, I'd be right. Thanks for playing. Feel free to come back and act foolish any time you wish. Or, you could try saying something remotely intelligent. But, unless you violate privacy, you won't be blocked.

No, I don't suffer fools well....