Monday, July 16, 2012

More idiocy from Mr. Sandeen...

Well, about a week ago, "Autumn" Sandeen was back whining about the supposed "cyberharassment" he claims he was subjected to surrounding his effort to get a fraudulent birth certificate that indicates that he is "female."  Of course this is just silliness.  He let everyone know that he planned to effectively defraud a court by claiming to have had SRS when he has only been castrated.  He seems to expect that he should be able to commit a fraud and not be challenged.

He made a very questionable claim concerning the documentation he received from the doctor who castrated him, and when some contacted that doctor and asked if he really considered castration to be "full SRS" he said he did not.  This of course led to Sandeen waiting until a change in the law took effect which simply makes it easier for people to fraudulently claim to have changed their sex.  Sandeen has tried to claim that the law allows for men to become "legally female," but that is not the case.  It just lowers the standards for what documentation is required, making it easier for a doctor to facilitate a fraud.  I am sure Sandeen did not tell the court that he still has his penis.

Sandeen has tried to claim that the doctor violated HIPPA when all that really happened is that the doctor's office made a general statement about their policies without reference to Sandeen.  But the way that Sandeen tells it, they violated his privacy, which is basically a self-serving bit of drama on his part.

And of course, as previously documented here, Sandeen has done his share of cyber harassment himself.  

Now, Sandeen has published what anyone could easily find.  He has revealed that his birth name is Stephen Mark Sandeen.  It is kind of funny how he was so secretive about it.  I have known his birth name for some time.  All you have to do is search the court records for "Sandeen" and name changes in San Diego.  I guess Sandeen figured it was only a matter of time before someone bothered to do it.  I choose not to reveal what I found out.  It would have just given Sandeen another reason to play the martyr.  

I am sure for Sandeen, it is a bit of a thrill.  I am honestly surprised he did not do it sooner.  He is clearly more interested in being a "woman with a penis" than anything remotely resembling a real female.  This latest bit of theater, which I suspect was triggered by the realization that his birth name is no big secret, is somewhat akin to the classic end to a drag act, where the queen would whip his wig off, so there is no question that he is really a man, and that his act is all an illusion.

The bottom line is, Sandeen is not a transsexual, is not a woman, and never will be.  He is another male crossdresser who, after a long career as a man, has decided to take up his "hobby," or more correctly, fetish, in his retirement.  He shows no sign of actually being a woman, and seems clueless about what women actually think or feel.  Sadly, he desperately needs and seeks attention, which means he pushes him forward as the face of transgender, which he misrepresents as including transsexuals.

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