Monday, November 21, 2011

At Bilerico, It's Agree With Bil's Way or the Highway

It has long been obvious that Bil Browning is an LGBT extremist who has no respect for the opinions of anyone who does not share his radical view of how the world should operate, but he has really gone off the deep end...  In a recent diatribe, he said the following:

Over on the "Sec of Labor Issues Statement for Transgender Day of Remembrance" post, Lisa McDonald decided to use the topic - a day set aside to honor transgender people murdered because of their gender expression - to reiterate her dislike for LGBT people:
What about the rights of anyone that is included in the Transgender umbrella living or murdered? You know those who don't wish to be labeled Transgender or that might take offense to gay politics? I suppose their rights don't matter as long as those who are happy being labeled Transgender and the LGBT gets from free press from their loss of life.I will be openly protesting the Transgender Day of Remembrance on their behalf and to point to the injustice of forced transgender inclusion. As for the Obama administration shame on them for bowing to queer politics and Mara Kiesling.
I'll be damned if I give any space to someone who apparently wants to wrap themselves in the Fred Phelps flag and piss on someone's grave. If that's the type of person you are, you don't belong here.
Good grief!  The only one acting remotely like Fred Phelps is Bil Browning himself.  He is showing the same sort of blind adherence to a point of view that Phelps does.  He is right, and damn anyone who disagrees with him.  Sad in a way, but not surprising.  Extremists tend to be more alike than different, even if the target of their extremism is radically different.  Simply put, the reason I consider Fred Phelps to be a nut case whose views are not really worth anything is why I feel the same about Bil Browning.  Intolerance is intolerance, period.

This is shown by his next remark:
If you regularly write complaints about how much you hate being lumped in with the gays and lesbians and the "transgenders," feel free to haul your ass right out of here.* Seriously. If it bothers you that much that people refer to themselves as they wish, go somewhere other than our comments section where they're free to do so.
I don't know when I have ever seen anyone complain "that people refer to themselves as they wish," unless it was someone taking the officially approved "Bil Browning position" and insisting that transsexuals must obediently accept the label "transgender."  The issue is not people calling themselves "transgender," but instead is people forcing that term on others.  Sadly, Browning not only insists on forcing his views on others, he lies about other's views in a pathetic attempt to justify his outrageous attitude.

Bil Browning, like a lot of extremists, cannot abide dissent.  The sad thing is that so many of his followers are more than willing for him to silence those who do not share a particular viewpoint.  This approach is quite common among transgender blogs.  More often than not, they hold comments pending moderation, so they insure that no view contrary to the party line slips through.  Others will quickly ban anyone who provides a coherent argument against the transgender position.

As always, my blogs welcomes those who disagree.  I only censor comments that invade people's privacy.  Beyond that, I take on all comers. 


Deena said...

Jennifer I enjoy reading your blog but I seldom comment. In this specific instance I think you are off base. Bil doesn't care about disagreements or conflicting opinions but about civility and derailments. It is, after all, his site just as this is yours and he is simply saying stay on topic and avoid personal animosities. How simple is that?

Not your friend said...

We have seen instances where he has banned on, non attacking posts just because the people disagreed with the big rainbow umbrella dogma.

I was banned for such a reason, yet Helms can continue to attack people.
I guess we know who helms is servicing.

Just Jennifer said...

Not your friend is right. I have seen Bil Browning ban people simply because they did not toe the LGBT party line. And in this case, he has made it clear that those who do not accept the label "transgender" should keep their mouths shut or risk being banned from Bilerico. And Helms is a good example. While he has been regularly moderated, others have been banned for for lesser offenses. The same is true of several others who have attacked viciously, but who generally adhere to the accepted positions.

minigreen said...

nice opinion, thanks for sharing..