Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Really Very Simple...

I never cease to be amazed by the obsession that the transgender crowd has for the ladies room.  And now, everyone's favorite bigot, Monica Roberts, has a new rant on Bilerico about some transgender getting caught in the women's bathroom in Houston, Texas.  Of course, this is going to create a perfect storm of trans-insanity given that this is the home of Phillip "Phyllis" Frye, who is never shy about seeking publicity.  And who often just makes things worse.

Alas, Texas conservatism is running head on into the relatively liberal nature of Houston (they have a lesbian mayor) and the end result will probably not be good.

But the fact is, it really is very simple.  Whether you are pre-op, or a transgender, if you don't assimilate as woman (I don't like the term pass when applied to a transsexual, though it is appropriate if one is talking about a transgender)  reasonably well, then avoid using the ladies room until you do.  When I was in transition, I didn't do what the transgender crowd now insists is their right.  I did not just march into the nearest women's room.  I built up slowly.  I would seek out a restroom I knew would likely be empty and hopefully as isolated as possible.  As I became more confident that I was perceived as a woman, I started using more public restrooms.  I never once has a problem in the ladies room, though the last time I went in  a men's room I freaked some poor guy out.

Simply put, if you don't care how you are perceived, and think you have some right to use the ladies room because you are dressed as a woman, you really don't belong there.  I wasn't so much scared of being caught, as I was thinking about the feelings of my fellow women.  People like Monica Roberts, and the vast majority of transgender activists, don't share that value.  And that says a lot about their true nature.

Note:  I found a video of the person in question, and this person is not credible as a "woman." Also, it should be noted that Texas has a law that specifically outlaws going into a restroom reserved for the opposite sex.  The mayor in Houston has issued an executive order that is in conflict with state law.  This is probably going to be a train wreck.


Aria Blue said...

Did you see some of the comments around those gay blogs alluding to some kind of national pee-in? They are so tone-deaf to the political atmosphere that they can't see this is going to backfire big time.

If they do this, it will launch a wave of laws specifically targeting them throughout much of the country. The more they act out, the more they destroy themselves. Maybe we should just get some popcorn and watch the show.

lisalee18wheeler said...

This is gonna be like the Amtrak train that ran through the semi-trailer stuck at a rail crossing...completely demolished!

Two Auntees said...

You have raised some good questions about how people are perceived. You questioned the Houston woman's ability to pass and that is your opinion; however, there are lots of cisgender women who would not pass your list. I have know women who have been thwarted to use the women's restroom because they didn't look female enough. I know of one butch lesbian who finally had to show the woman her breasts to get past her to use the restroom because the women perceived her too male looking. So, lets be careful not to lump people into our 'boxes' by the way they dress and look.

But you are right, I have seen trans women that make we want to take them aside and attempt to suggest appropriate attire when out and about.

Anonymous said...

Two Auntees,

I've never seen a straight woman who couldn't walk into any restroom regardless of their looks.

Women who act too masculine and men who act too feminine always have trouble in mainstream society.

It is part of their failure to assimilate.

The world is diverse, you can't make a law to cover every situation, and you shouldn't.

If I find someone in a public restroom I happen to need to use and that person I find to be threatening, I am going to challenge them because I feel threatened, it doesn't matter if they have a vagina or not. And if they act too male they can leave as long as I am using the restroom.

The bottom line is, if you have a penis, and you act like a man, you have no business in there.

If you are a female and act too masculine you are going to make people feel uncomfortable.

The same holds true if people act too straight around homosexuals and lesbians.

That's life get use to it.

Just Jennifer said...

Two Auntees,

You miss my point. Women belong in the women's room. Men impersonating women do not. Yes, some women might not, as some would put it, "pass" but they are women. That is, their plumbing is correct. True pre-ops, who have reached the point where they can assimilate, are also not the problem. The problem are the men who wish to masquerade as women who see their entry into the women's room as some sort of goal to be checked off their list, or worse, as some sort of privilege that they are entitled to irregardless of the outrage it causes.

Ultimately, as "Not your friend" points out, it largely comes down to courtesy. Some thrive on causing a disruption, and quite frankly, they should be ashamed.