Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Failure to Learn

Once again, the sad and tragic story of Mike Penner, aka Christine Daniels has resurfaced.  The June issue of GQ has an analysis of what happened, and why.  And, of course, "Autumn" Sandeen has engaged in a self-indulgent story about the whole thing.

Much has been written about Penner, his transition to Christine, his return to presenting as a male, and his suicide.  I have written on it myself.  But the question of what happened remains. 

The more I have read about Penner, the more I have come to wonder if, perhaps, he was the extremely rare example of a true transsexual that manages to hold out for almost fifty years with no real outward signs of gender issues.  I don't know much about his life prior to transition.

He claimed to have made the decision in order to survive.  That makes me wonder if he was legitimate.  On the other hand, he seems to have had a very successful career up to that point, which raises doubts.  If one is truly transsexual, the chances of having a successful life as a male or pretty much nil.  You might be able to fake it for short periods, but to be successful in a male dominated field like sports writing without facing serious problems seems highly unlikely.

But, if Penner was truly transsexual, then there is less question as to what happened.  If he was a true transsexual, then his death can be laid at the feet of the transgender activists who tried to use him.

Penner made a very public transition.  If he was truly transsexual, this would have been torture.  He would have wanted nothing more than to simply be a woman.  But instead, he had to face being publicly paraded about as a trophy for the transgender activists who claimed to be his friend.  They could use him, without considering the effects their use had on him.

For most transsexuals, the improvements in their life are the proof that they are transsexual.  But most transsexuals do not make public transitions.  Transgender types embrace the public.  They get what they really seek, to be "women with penises," or "women who were once men," or even "men pretending to be women."  Most have no desire to give up their penis, and none have any desire to fully give up their maleness.

So, what if Penner was a true transsexual?  If so, he should have been counseled to consider starting over.  It would not have been easy.  He might have had to walk away from a successful career.  At the very least, he might have had to move to another state, to a smaller place, and start over writing something other than sports.  It would not have been perfect.  He would be taking a risk, and it would require that someone would have to know, but it could have been done.

Or he could have simply left his old life completely behind.  He could have done what I did.  He could have found an entry level job, downsized his life, and slipped quietly into his new life.  But, of course, the transgender community would have none of that.  Penner would be their poster child.  Unfortunately, he couldn't take it.  It was not the life he wanted, even though I am sure they told him it was the only way.

But, of course, the activists and their dupes won't learn.  In truth, I doubt they even understand what they should learn.  When the next chance comes, they will do it all again.  And if that person dies as well?  Well, there is nothing the transgender community loves as much as a good martyr. 

They just refuse to learn, no matter what the damage.


Anonymous said...

It is more the fault of the community than it is the environment this person transitioned in. It seems that as usual Sandeen has chosen to hide behind the TOS and threaten to ban someone for bringing this up. As usual Sandeen has not the guts to face the hard questions.

I think this issue keeps coming up over at the blend because Sandeen has guilt issues, there is a lot of back story to the relationship Sandeen had in this person's life.

Transition is a very dangerous activity, there are no safety nets.

Furthermore Daniels expected to be able to rekindle a friendship with her ex wife, and that almost never happens. Once lied to who would in their right mind go back to an ex spouse? And yes hiding something like gender issues from a spouse or potential spouse is lying.

The transgender community is toxic and dangerous to anyone who is in transition who is not strong enough to see the toxicity that exists. The activists are the worst seeking to increase their numbers and not caring at all for the persons welfare whom they seek out.

Most credible therapists will urge their clients to stay away from the online community and most real world transgender support groups.

It's no wonder why.
I'm glad none of this existed when I transitioned.

By the way
What the hell is a social transition??

Aria said...

One thing that everyone can agree on no matter what side you are on, gay/lesbian, transsexual, and probably most transgender/crossdressers, is that it is just time for Sandeen to go.

In fact, that whole crop of crossdresser "new media activists" from the last few years are past their expiration date. They need to give it a rest because they are doing their own cause tremendous harm. What do you think the chances are though? lol

Anonymous said...


It would be nice to see Sandeen and that ilk fade off into the sunset.

I don't think it's likely to happen soon.

The good news is people are smart even the crowd that hangs on every one of Sandeen's words.
Sandeen's 15 minutes of fame will run out. The TG community is already imploding and they are being seen for who and what they are.

Sandeen needs to seek out therapy not drugs and put the whole Daniels thing behind and move on.

Anonymous said...

It looks like my friend was right.

You can't get Sandeen to ever back up any statement she claims to be factual.

And now I am the enemy.

Paranoia at it's finest.

Just Jennifer said...

I had originally meant to make mention of Sandeen's heavy handed attempts at blatant censorship. Granted, that is not particularly new. But it is more extreme, which seems to indicate that Sandeen knows he is losing ground fast.

Anonymous said...

Sandeen's actions while in DC have turned off many in Sandeen's own community. This isn't unusual A friend lives within walking distance of Sandeen's apartment, Sandeen use to belong to a TG group in the aria and was asked to leave after causing problems within that group.

Sandeen doesn't comment on any trans related articles in the on line GLT papers in Sandeen's aria.

You would think someone who is 100% disabled (mentally) living on a military disability retirement would not have the money to fly cross country, stay in a hotel and participate in a demonstration in DC.

There is a lot about Sandeen that doesn't add up.

Anonymous said...


Mr Sandeen is at it again.

Just Jennifer said...


Yes, I saw Sandeen's most recent attempt at heavy handed censorship on PHB. Not really surprising.

Anonymous said...

Sandeen never made any calls. A call to my Internet provider got a laugh and "we get those nutcases all the time we just ignore them".

MR Sandeen is once again lying through his teeth.