Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Issue is NOT Insults

In yet another desperate attempt to save face, neo-gender fascist Suzan Cooke has posted an article going after the "umbrella model" of transgender. Cooke defends her new found affection for the transgender view as a desire to end insults. Of course, to the transgender, reality is an insult.

No, Cooke's real purpose is to reach a Faustian deal with transgender activists. Cooke seems to believe that transsexuals can cooperate and align with the transgender (as well as the rest of the LGBT community) without consequence. Past experience says otherwise.

Cooke wants to have it both ways. She wants to be a "woman born transsexual" and yet be able to associate with, and work with, the transgender. What she doesn't realize is that "woman born transsexual" is really just, effectively, the same basic concept as transgender.

Like Cooke, the transgender want it both ways. They want to retain a strong link to the history, while claiming to be something else. They want, as one infamous transgender activist once put it, to be "woman/males" or "man/females." That person, who now seems to have abandoned being transgender, attacked those seeking surgery, claiming that people should remain somewhat true to the cause. Sort of like Cooke's dear friend "Monica" Helms did for years.

The transgender desperately want the credibility they think that transsexuals can bring. They don't care that they will destroy that imagined credibility in the process of attempting to exploit it. And Cooke is more than willing to join them in self-destruction.


Ariablue said...

You have a lot of great insights, and I appreciate your viewpoint for having dealt with these types for a long time. Keep up the good work! =)

Just Jennifer said...

Thank you. That means a lot coming from someone I have a lot of respect for. BTW, I notice that seem to have lost favor in Cooke's opinion. She has removed your blog from her list.

Anonymous said...

I still see Cooke as positioning herself to gather attention for herself.

Like the radio station that keeps changing formats in order to improve it's ratings Cooke can't live without being reliant in the LTGB movement.

Just Jennifer said...

Exactly. Cooke thrives on attention. Unfortunately, Cooke also seems to be very good at attracting some to a sort of cult of personality. People can come to see her as a sort of arbiter of their worth. Most quickly realize the error of this view. Others, like Karen A., become blind followers that simply hang on for the ride.

I think Cooke has failed to realize that the days of the transgender are numbered. She thinks she can be a major player in the alliance she hopes to form. Unfortunately, it is going to wind up being a very one-sided alliance since no one else seems very inclined to join.