Monday, July 27, 2009

The Reason Why...

The issue has been raised over why many who identify as HBS or classic transsexuals object so strongly to the efforts of transgender activists. The implication is often made that we are somehow elitist and hateful to the efforts to of what I have termed the gender fascists. Well, as story out of England is the perfect example of what is truly wrong with the efforts of the transgender types. Here is one version:

'Prisoner A' is legally female, and being held in a men's prison
A trans woman, serving a life-sentence for manslaughter and attempted
rape claims the court denying her application for residence in a
women's prison violates her human rights.

The prisoner, who for legal reasons can only be identified as
'Prisoner A,' placed an application to a UK court to be relocated to a
women's prison but had her request declined.

Prisoner A has already successfully had her gender officially
recognisd by law, having her birth certificate updated under the
Gender Recognition Act 2004. She has had laser hair removal on her
face and legs as well as developeing breasts following hormone

Addressing the High Court, the woman's lawyer stated that 'keeping her
in a men's prison was a violation of the right to respect for her
private life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human
Rights.' Prisoner A watched the proceedings from prison via video

The lawyer told the court Prisoner A was desperate to get her gender
reassignment surgery, but that medics refused to perform the procedure
until she had lived as a woman for a significant amount of time, which
would only be possible in a women's prison.

'A' has been forbidden from wearing any female clothing such as skirts
or blouses, and anything more than 'subtle makeup', even though she is
being held in the vulnerable prisoner's wing.

Prison staff and authorities argue that she will be no better off in a
women's prison and that, if moved, she would have to spend long
periods in segregation at an extra cost of £80,000 per year

The hearing has been adjourned to a later date.
This is exactly the sort of thing that the gender fascists would love to impose on the United States. Thankfully, they have been largely unsuccessful in their radical attempts to pressure states to allow pre-ops or even those who have no intention of ever seeking sex reassignment to change their birth certificates. To say that "Prisoner A" is legally a woman is an outrage. First off, this person is physically a male. And quite obviously, in spite of claims to the contrary, this person is also mentally a man. Women might commit murder, but the idea that someone who would commit a rape, which is a violent crime where a man seeks the ultimate domination over a woman, might be mentally a female is absurd. This person is obviously in need of serious help, but sex reassigment is not what is needed.

And worse, to even suggest that such a person should be allowed to be placed in a women's prison is totally beyond the pale. Beyond the fact that he is still physically a male, there is also the fact that he would clearly be a danger to those incarcerated there. But, I have little doubt that, if this case were in the United States, many, if not most, of the gender fascists would be fighting for his right to claim to be a woman.

And that is why it is important to continue to oppose them and their efforts to redefine concepts that no one has seriously doubted since mankind began.