Thursday, July 23, 2009

Compromise? Still, not thanks!

Suzan Cooke has posted a follow-up to her previous post I commented on. Quite frankly, I see no reason to modify my position. I am sorry that Cooke takes legitimate criticism as ad hominem attacks. I'm not surprised, as that seems to be Cooke's usual approach to anyone who disagrees.

I also read the comments made on the original post. The only thing interesting there is that, like some other transgender types, Cooke assumes she knows who I am. She doesn't. I always find it interesting that the gender fascists have an almost obsessive need to identify anyone who does not wish to share personal information. I guess they think they can use that to control others.

Other than that, and to say that I am really not interested in a fight with Cooke, there is not much to add. Cooke certainly has a right to her opinion, just as anyone else. Granted, like most who are transgender, Cooke does not extend this to others.

Again, I am really not interested in compromise.


Anonymous said...

More of the same leftovers from Cooke.

The aging transgender apologist is trying to make a name for herself. I hate to break it to her I don't know of any classical TS or HBS women who takes Cooke seriously, not when she is part of the same gang that wants to keep women of operative history marginalized.

Just Jennifer said...

Cooke has always been a bit of a kook. Her glory days are long past, and she is trying to hold on to what she imagines is her influence.