Saturday, April 4, 2009

This one must have left Roberts dizzy for hours...

TransGriot: Intersex Separatists, Transpeople Aren't Your Enemy

I've written about Monica Roberts before. As have others. But in this article, Roberts performs a set of mental gynastics that much have left her quite dizzy. In a bizarre attempt to reach out to those who are intersex, Roberts makes an argument based on the evidence that transsexuals have a medical condition not a mental one. Now, of course this complete ignores several facts.
  • First it ignores the fact that the "transgender" community that Roberts embraces is most made up of non-transsexuals. So, even if one includes "true transsexuals" (i.e. the ones with a medical basis) it would represent a very small minority of a larger whole.
  • Second, Roberts has made extremely hateful and bigoted remarks about "true transsexuals." Worse, these remarks tend to be extremely racist. So, it seems extremely ironic that she now wants to claim us for some purpose.
  • Finally, I rather suspect that anyone who actually bothers to read the rest of Roberts' drivel would be more repulsed by his arguments than persuaded.

And no, in spite of what Roberts will claim, I don't hate her at all. Of course, this is Roberts classic pattern. Anyone who disagrees with her, or who dares to stand up to her, is accused of hatred. I guess when one is as filled with hatred as Roberts is, tends to see everything in those terms. Ironically, I have seen the same sort of behavior from members of the Klan.

No I simply pity Roberts. A person that filled with hatred must be very miserable. One can only hope that she gets help before she completely self-destructs.


Anonymous said...

Roberts is amazing how anybody as racist as Roberts is can even show her face in the blogisphere is beyond me...


Just Jennifer said...

Roberts claims to not be a racist. After all, people of color cannot br racist, only white folk. Of course, that itself is a racist statement.

It is all very strange...when I was growing up, I was told that what the white racists spewed was not racist because it was "Biblical." They were not teaching hate, because it was simply what was in the Bible.

Now what was really in the Bible did not remotely support their positions, but that did not stop them from claiming it did.

Anonymous said...

There is a whole lot misrepresented in the Bible.
Like correcting your body to match your brain sex.

Just Jennifer said...

Well, as best I can tell, the Bible says nothing about SRS.