Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Once more with feeling....

Well, once more, the gender fascists show that they are afraid of any view that is not in lockstep with theirs. I responded to a rather nasty post by lead gender fascist on Pam's House Blend. Now, I stayed within the rules, and made no attacks. I only presented my views calmly, and rationally, in spite of some rather nasty remarks by Sandeen and others.

So, what happened? Sandeen threw me off. Not surprising....this is standard behavior. Her only rationale was things I had said here not there. I did not violate the terms of service there. I just presented a very simple position...that if the transgender crowd does not wish to be attacked by those who do not identify as "transgender," then simply stop forcing that label and acknowledge that "transgender" is a subjective identity and not something that someone should be referred to as unless that is how they identify.

Of course, such a reasonable request is never going to be allowed by the gender fascists, and so I had to go.

After all, it is ultimately the only way they can ever win a debate.


Barbra Lynn said...

This is HappyCat, Hi Jennifer, I wondered what happened to you. I have tried to have an honest debate with many people regarding how I feel. I didn't go through all that crap to be a trans ??????, I am a woman. I don't like being lumped in with recreational cross dressers and drag show contestants. Sometimes I wonder why I even read the LGBT blogs except for the fact that I know there were people before me that made my transition easier. and I am willing to fight for the rights of those who follow behind me. I support and I am a bit active when it comes to supporting Same Gender Marriage, One of my dear friends is a Lesbian who wants to marry her partner.

With all that said, I must say the name calling and the digs at other people need to stop. And to have autumn ban you is completely nuts. I don't believe you were one step out of line.

Personally, I would love to see a honest debate between the different feelings. And it all revolves around a penis in the ladies room.

Just to let you know where I stand on that. If you are in transition and planning to have GRS, carry a letter from your treating psychologist stating you are going through transition. Avoid all private areas where full or partial nudity may happen.

But the truth of the matter is, no one in the ladies room really pays that much attention to the other women who are in there anyways. unless it is very obvious that there is a man in there.

I have read many of your comments on other blogs. and you stand by your words. I don't know what all the fighting is about except for a difference of opinion. I hate the Big Umbrella and don't want to be part of it. I believe I am correct that you don't either.

You made some good points and it is sad that you were banned from Pam's.

Chat with you later, The HappyCat.

Just Jennifer said...

Hi Barbra,

Yes, I came back to answer a few comments and discovered I could not log one. That alone was quite outrageous, but even more so is the rather silly excuse Sandeen has come up with after several raised objections.

Now, I am accused of threadjacking because the subject became "Harry Benjamin Syndrome." Never mind that Sandeen was the one who made the whole thing about HBS. I would have never joined the thread if Sandeen had not made the original remarks.

But as I said, this is the only way that Sandeen can ever "win" and for Sandeen, it really is all about "winning." Personally, I just want people to think about what they say.

Ariablue said...

This Autumn person is a menace. I saw Autumn on a tv news clip speaking for the "transgender" viewpoint, and of course that includes all of us- in Autumn's twisted world.

This whole thing, for Autumn, is about ego. The reason that we can't be allowed to have our own voice is that it detracts from Autumn's self-perception of power. I shouldn't have to point out that this is a product of a male socialization taking root in fertile soil.

It is distressing to have men speaking on women's issues. It is a giant step backwards for us that these sorts of people are now our official voice in the media. They want to take from people who they perceive as weak and unable to fight back. These are people who operate on the level of schoolyard bullies.

Keep up the good fight Jennifer, there are many, many more people like you and I out there who don't talk about these things on blogs. There may be hordes of these phonies pretending to be us, but among those of us who are the real deal your attitude is the commonly held one. It is nearly universal among the post-transition crowd.

And no, this isn't some philosophical difference as the transgender oppressors try to maintain with their outright lies. We were born different, as we all know. I suspect that most of the transgender do understand that, and are desperate to keep that "secret" from coming out.

I don't appreciate the outright denial of my life-threatening birth condition. I don't appreciate the re-branding of this condition into fodder for an anti-social, emotionally disturbed political movement.

The transgender do not speak for me.

Take care :)

Anonymous said...

Autumn is most likely after you because you exposed him for the attention whore he is.
There is at least one TG/TS group he is not welcome in.


Anonymous said...

Can you post a link to that article; I would be interested in adding that to my collection of sandeen rants.


Anonymous said...

I found it never mind.

Probably all made up.
Sandeen seems to have a, how do the guys put that......
oh never mind.

Sandeen must be seriously delusional.

I love that he looses a debate with you and the next thing you know he pulls a bait and switch and says you hijacked the thread.

That is the dishonesty of Sandeen. Sandeen will go to any length to be right, a typical Alpha Male Trait.

I hope Sandeen didn't strain anything trying to keep up that phony voice on Court TV.

Sandeen is suppose to be 100% disabled?
Could have fooled me.

Another one of his lies.


Cat Kisser said...

Sandeen is on disability.....for mental problems.

Anonymous said...

Well Cat;
That explains it to a "T".


Just Jennifer said...

Hi Ariablue, and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.

I have to admit, I have avoided watching the videos. I'm not sure I could handle that... But yes, I agree, Sandeen is very much all about ego. And very much a male-socialized man trying hard to play at being a woman.

As I have pointed out, this is someone who had a long career in the Navy, serving as a man, which would mean that he exhibited no indication of having gender issues. Otherwise, they would have simply made life so horrible that he would have had to leave long before he reached retirement.

I never served in the military, but I remember all too well the treatment I received from those who perceived me as a "defective male." I tried to hide the real me, but it didn't work. When I see someone who had a long and successful career as a man, and who, after retirement, or at least later in life, suddenly decides they are a woman...well, I find it rather odd.

And I agree completely. I did not appreciate it when transgender was just an umbrella term. Now it is taking on meanings that I actually oppose.

Just Jennifer said...

Well Sue, I am sure there are several reasons Sandeen is not happy with me.

Just Jennifer said...

Sue, the bit about me "threadjacking" was a major mistake on Sandeen's part. He got hoist by his own petard on that one. He had stated that HBS was something that would discussed, and then attacks me for discussing HBS. I notice he has stopped responding to comments in that thread. I guess he is too ashamed.

Just Jennifer said...

Yes, I assumed when I saw that Sandeen claims to be disabled that it was probably mental. It is very easy for someone to get certified as mentally disabled. I know of several cases where someone has clearly committed fraud. One of them suggested I do the same thing. Another stated to me that the money was not that great, and that he was thinking of looking for a job any way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen;
I read the whole thread.
Pam had to come to his rescue even still he made a fool of himself and it's all there for everyone to see.

What I am confused about is sandeen said he was going to block my email address back in early March when we had another exchange his status all of a sudden going from being non-op to pre-op, it was about the same time Helms did the same thing.

They were apparently were having a credibility crisis because they were found out to be anything but TS.

Maybe what needs to be done is for me to show up at Autumn's door and we can discuss this face to face.
I have some free time in the upcoming week Sandeen lives just around the corner....
well within walking distance anyway.